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specs and the city

Specs and the City

Couch gag: Homer sits down to watch the Superbowl, surrounded by food. Bart steals the six pack of beer and throws it up onto some power lines, and Homer tries to rescue them but shorts out the town.

Director: Lance Kramer

Guest Voices:
Will Lyman as himself
Maurice LaMarche as various

Synopsis: Homer is given tech glasses so Mr Burns can spy on his workers and Bart is forced to give a Valentine’s Day card to Nelson.

Discussion: So… how come a Valentine’s Day themed subplot is never mentioned, let alone celebrated, by Marge and Homer? Did they forget it was the most romantic day of the year? And how come Bart is caught in an eternal Valentine’s Day whereas Marge and Homer are clearly moving forward in time? Possibly the very worst thing about this episode was Lisa saying that the rumours are true- moms can want things. O…M…G… what?

In terms of bad Simpsons episodes, this one is right up there. There’s basically a lot going on, without anything actually happening. The most interesting part of this ep (and I use the term “interesting” loosely) is Homer following Marge to her therapy appointment. Now, when Homer was constantly wearing the glasses, it was a major problem for Marge. But when Marge constantly wears them, it’s no problem at all for her, with the added bonus that Homer can watch her at work and Mr Burns can see their snuggle sessions.

The original airing of this pathetic piece of drivel was watched by a measly 3.85 million viewers, waaaaay down on the heyday when over 12 million people tuned in. I think it’s time for me to consider gouging out my eyes with a rusty spoon… again…


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