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days of future future

Days of Future Future

Couch gag: The living room and couch are covered with bubble wrap and the family dance about to pop them before sitting down.

Director: Bob Anderson

Guest Voice:
Amy Poehler as Jenda

Synopsis: A sequel to ‘Holidays of Future Passed‘. Bart tries to get back with Jenda, Lisa’s marriage to Milhouse is strengthened by him becoming a zombie and Homer is forced to be a computer simulation for the rest of his life.

Discussion: We start out with Homer dying and being replaced by about 167 clones, all of whom meet tragic ends. Homer spends the rest of the episode living in a computer and/or a robot body. Yep.

Meanwhile, Lisa is married to Milhouse, who becomes far more interesting as a zombie. Yep. It’s almost self-referential to the show becoming “Zombie Simpsons“, a pale imitation of its glory years.

The most interesting part of this episode, and that’s not saying much, is Bart’s attempted reconciliation with his ex, Jenda, who is now dating an alien, from Aliens, named Jerry. Jenda has only been seen three times (if I remember correctly), which sorta negates Bart’s crush on Mary Spruckler. I’d prefer it if he married Sherri or Terri… but anyhoo.

There is nothing about this episode that makes sense, unlike ‘Holidays of Future Passed’ which was sweet and charming. The joke about Cretaceous Park (now named correctly) is kinda funny, and my boyfriend laughed at Ralph Wiggum’s stint as a cop, “Look at me! I’m fighting crime!” as he’s being swung around by Milhouse to hit the bullies.

Deservedly, it holds the record for the second-fewest viewers in the history of the show. A couple of days ago, I was writing about how interesting Bart and Lisa could be if they were allowed to grow up a bit. I guess I was wrong.


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