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what to expect

What To Expect When Bart’s Expecting

Billboard: Apu: Total Recall, all items tainted

You can’t play April Fool’s Day jokes on April 27th

Couch gag: The family take a trip through Homer’s body. Directed by Michael Socha.

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest Voices:
Tavi Gevinson as Jenny
Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony

Synopsis: Disliking his art teacher, Bart performs a voodoo spell on her and she announces she’s pregnant. Soon, other women pay Bart for his services and they become pregnant too. Fat Tony then hires Bart to facilitate in getting his prized filly pregnant.

Discussion: This ep starts well enough: Moe and the other bar owners decide to spruce things up by staging a superhero drinking marathon. It’s just the kind of silliness that the show personifies. Unfortunately, then we descend into silliness that the show has become: Bart performing voodoo and the female residents become pregnant.

Even the welcome appearance of Fat Tony couldn’t save this episode. The utterly ridiculous horse plot was so pathetic it barely rates a mention, let alone half the episode. Not even that- the opening sequence was another filler, clocking in at over 2 minutes, and at the very end we’re “treated” to an ad featuring Sudsley for a new Duff product.

Just yesterday, I was musing to myself that the show was missing some musical numbers. I spoke too soon; this ep has a Les Miserables number which feels so forced and pathetic that it really has no place other than more filler.

Will someone PLEASE put this show out of its misery?


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