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Couch gag: The Simpsons and Matt Groening are at San Diego Comic-Con but all leave when asked if there’s another Simpsons movie.

Director: Timothy Bailey

Guest Voices:
Edwin Moses as himself
Glenn Close as Mona

Synopsis: Homer tries to pull off Springfield’s greatest fireworks show while Bart is wracked with guilt over letting Milhouse be beaten up during a race.

Discussion: This episode didn’t start badly, but quickly took a wrong turn into the dark woods and lost its way (much like Milhouse, actually). Milhouse was a shoe-in to win the school’s last day of term race but was beaten up by Nelson. Bart saw this and did nothing. And then there’s Homer making up stupid plans for the Fourth of July (as an aside, Guiseppe is correct about the right date being July 2).

The major problem with this ep is that it doesn’t go anywhere. Bart spends 15 minutes wracked with guilt and unsatisfactorily concludes his story with some shit and hopes the audience don’t notice. Homer’s plot is just plain boring, with some Grampa coward stories to fill up some time. Glenn Close is completely wasted in this episode; the viewer doesn’t catch any of what she’s saying. This goes against everything the mighty Hellfish episode stood for- an allegory into how lame both Grampa and the show have become. Milhouse is just as pathetic as ever, even to the point where he doesn’t remember what happened to him in the woods, thus buying a few minutes where Bart can pretend it’s all good.

It’s a terrible way to finish a season. And as of today, I’ve now finished all 552 episodes of the show. What am I going to do with myself?? I, like everyone else, will have to wait a month or so until Season 26 arrives, promising the death of a character. My hopes aren’t high.

And finally… what the hell was Milhouse doing drinking from the toilet???


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