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I was using that car as pants

The Simpsons Guy

Director: Peter Shin

Synopsis: After getting an offensive comic published, the Griffin family leave town and their car is stolen just outside the Springfield city limits.

Discussion: Despite officially being a Family Guy episode, I thought I’d include this into the Simpsons blog. Because it’s my blog and I can do what I like with it.

Firstly, I’ve seen exactly one full episode of Family Guy and was so underwhelmed I’ve never bothered watching another. Furthermore, the only reason I watched that full episode was because I was reading an essay (related to The Simpsons) about the disconnected reality of Family Guy. Specifically, the episode where Peter Griffin ends up in court and a giant drink barges through the courtroom wall (incidentally, that ep is referenced in this crossover). So, I missed most of the FG references and was filled in by my boyfriend, who says it was perfectly FG.

My thoughts about the episode… wow. What a mess. There are so many WTF moments, I don’t know where to begin. Everything from Homer teaching Peter how to eat doughnuts to Peter and Homer drinking petrol and ending up as a porn film to the random appearance of Fred Flintstone as the Judge at the beer lawsuit. Seriously.

Sure, the Griffins visited Springfield, which apparently means an appearance by anyone who has ever done anything in Springfield. However, I really think Dr Nick greeting Santa’s Little Helper as Dr Dog, his assistant to surgery, is stupidly unnecessary and weird. The sequence where Homer and Peter are “sexy” car washers is just plain disturbing and should come with a warning for those who have just eaten.

Despite being a FG episode and me being mostly unfamiliar with how FG works, I still think the episode was weird and overly long. I understand FG sometimes has epic fight scenes and requires a suspension of reality, but this took it waaaay too far. A full ten minute fight scene between Peter and Homer was far too long and added nothing to an already thin narrative. Homer being squished under a UFO and coming back to life to joke with Peter about being parked behind him (or vice versa, I tuned out by that point) didn’t exactly fit the MO of either show. I don’t think the ep warranted an hour’s screening time, although this was self-referenced when either Peter or Homer (I forget which) said they’ll stay half an hour away from each other with crap in the middle. Sounds like a good idea to me.

I never plan more than four seconds in advance

Clown in the Dumps

Billboard: Jimbo: Send me your lunch money online

Spoiler Alert: Unfortunately my dad doesn’t die

Couch gag: A time travelling Homer ends up in a future episode, 10,000 years in the future. Directed by Don Hertzfeld

Guest Voices:
Sarah Silverman as herself
Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob
Jackie Mason as Rabbi Krustofsky
David Hyde Pierce as himself
Jeff Ross as himself

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Synopsis: Krusty is devastated when his father dies, and Lisa worries about Homer’s health.

Discussion: Welcome to Season 26, which premiered after almost a year of hype over which character would die. Let me just say that there was no hype whatsoever in Australia and the only mention I saw of a character being killed off was thanks to Dead Homer Society a couple of months ago. The day the ep aired, there was exactly one article over here about the disappointment at which character dies. Did anyone really think it would be a Simpson?

The ep begins with a Roast of Krusty, which I’m sure has been done before and like every other roast in history, is just plain mean and completely unfunny. You can’t hide your truth about someone behind “comedy”. Feeling down, Krusty seeks advice from his father but his father dies unexpectedly after approximately one minute on screen. Worst. Death. Ever. At least Maude Flanders had a tangible death. No sign of Homer “helping” Krusty move on from his loss, so that’s a positive. Then there’s some lame plot about Lisa worrying that Homer is about to die due to his obesity. What?

This is hardly a stellar introduction to yet another season which will likely rely on flab jokes and explaining said jokes. Shoving in a bunch of famous people in the first five minutes will not save the episode nor make one excited to see what the hell happens. Makes me wonder if the writers plan more than four seconds in advance.

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