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Tastes like nickel champagne

Waiting For Duffman

couch gag: The family are repeatedly sucked into a portal until Bart avoids being sucked up and closes the portal. He then finds Homer’s head detached from his body.

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Guest Voices:
Cat Deeley as herself
Stacy Keach as Howard K. Duff VII
R. Lee Emery as Colonel Leslie Hapablap

synopsis: when Duffman breaks a hip, the search is on to find a replacement.

Discussion: Homer adds yet another job to his resume when he is crowned the new Duffman, but is disappointed when he’s told he’s not allowed to drink Duff.

Yawn. The premise is a good one, but the story is sadly lacking. Homer as Duffman has soooo much potential but it’s as if the writers went on an extended holiday moments after thinking up the premise. Ah, the script will write itself… and then a team of three month old baby monkeys rocked up and started bashing on typewriters and came up with this script.

The “story” doesn’t go anywhere, doesn’t add anything to either the the episode or the series, and by the 10 minute mark, I just wanted it to be over. There’s some weird anti-message about drinking alcohol, but the message is wonky and unclear. It’s a filler episode to draw out the eventual death of a once-great series.

I’m asking because I’m supposed to care about stuff

Sky Police

Director: Rob Oliver

Guest Voice:
Nathan Fielder as himself

Synopsis: The congregation turn to counting cards in a casino to fix the church when Chief Wiggum crashes a jetpack into it.

Discussion: What. The. Hell.

We start straight into the “action”, watching Wiggum take possession of a jetpack, sing a cute little song and 60 seconds later, crash it into the church, never to be mentioned again (well, not until the final minute or so). Apart from that, the episode centres on the congregation of the Springfield church counting cards to raise money to rebuild. Yawn.

Not only is the episode lacking in plot, it’s completely lacking in originality. The church has been rebuilt and changed hands and needed money countless times before and all with much better episodes. Quite frankly, counting cards is a stupidly boring waste of my time to rebuild a church. There’s some discussion about the relevance of God and religion but instead of exploring that (which, by the way, they’ve also done before with better results), they’ve gone for brushing over it and leaving the episode completely heartless and a total snore fest. It does not make any sense whatsoever, including the sex fantasies of Rev and Mrs Lovejoy, Ewww.

Also this week, we lost one of the creators and developers of the show: Sam Simon. Despite leaving the show in the early 90s, he continued to collect royalties, which he donated to a bunch of charities even before he discovered he had terminal cancer. A genuinely nice bloke (according to all sources) and a real shame to lose such a talented person.

I do not eat monkey brains from a skull

The Princess Guide

Couch Gag: The Simpsons are printed on a 9 dot printer and there’s a paper jam.

Director: Timothy Bailey

Guest Voices:
Richard Branson as himself
Kevin Michael Richardson as Nigerian King
Yaya DeCosta as Princess Kemi
Jon Lovitz as Enrico Irritazio

Synopsis: Moe is prepared to exact revenge on a Nigerian princess for an internet scam but ends up falling in love with her.

Discussion: Maybe it’s the lack of sleep (I have a 10 week old baby). Maybe it’s the high heat and humidity. Or maybe this episode just didn’t suck, but I liked it. I was ready to hate it, ready to dig into the expositions and bad writing and utter nonsense… But I think it’s sweet.

We’ve seen Moe have flings before, but this one was just lovely, like the first day of spring after a long winter or the first crush after having your heart broken. Moe has fallen for the classic Nigerian scam and is ready for revenge, but ends up sharing a montage with the Princess instead. Awww!

Sure, it’s not brilliant or a hark back to classic episodes, but it’s a simple story (at least it has a story!) and it’s a fine ep. I know, I know… I’m as shocked as you are.

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