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Peeping Mom

Couch gag: Corn kernels pop to become the Simpsons. Homer is burnt.

Director: Mark Kirkland

Synopsis: Accused of stealing a bulldozer and denying it, Bart is followed by Marge. Meanwhile, Flanders adopts a puppy who becomes attached to Homer.

Discussion: You’d think that after ~28 years, Marge would have realised what Bart is capable of. Sadly not, and the audience is “treated” to 20 minutes of pointless wandering because let’s face it, we all know Bart stole the bulldozer. Marge following him does not add anything besides some hardcore helicopter parenting, which I’m pretty sure we’ve explored before.

Whilst Marge is following Bart, Ned Flanders adopts a puppy, teaches it a bunch of cutesy Christian mannerisms and lets Homer play with the puppy. The puppy prefers Homer… and that’s it. It was a pointless subplot but at least there was a cute puppy.

The main issues I have with this ep are:
1. It flits from scene to scene very quickly. There’s no sense of timing because Homer (for example) appears in one puppy scene and then the very next scene focusing on Bart and Marge.
2. The jokes are too long and weird e.g. Marge wanders into the Mapple store, hands her phone to someone in a blue shirt, who fiddles around with the phone and says he’s not an employee before taking off his shirt and waving it around. What?
3. The characters are extra stupid and/or deaf. Marge and Bart have the same conversation about a miilion times:
Marge: Did you steal the bulldozer?
Bart: No!
Marge: No, really, did you?
Bart: NO!

Rinse and repeat.
4. Why the fuck would Nelson think Marge was actually dead?
5. Leper’s Island. Seriously? I can fart out better scenes than this.

However, this fucking awful episode did get me thinking: Homer would really, really enjoy the paleo diet. With the utter garbage being churned out this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Powers That Be could fashion a whole episode around the concept (being yet another garbage episode, of course).

Tell me again why I’m bothering with this.


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