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Mathlete’s Feat

Couch gag: Rick and Morty crash into the Simpsons’ living room, killing them. They then attempt to revive the family.

Director: Michael Polcino

Guest Voice:
Justin Rolland as Rick and Morty

Synopsis: Springfield Elementary mathletes are coached by Willie to defeat reigning champions Waverly Heights.

Discussion: First of all, I have no idea who Rick and Morty are. Secondly, I suck at maths.

I had really high hopes for this episode. Maths jokes have long been part of The Simpsons so I was really hoping this ep would be smart, sophisticated and cater to the intelligentsia.

Not so. The ep takes a really long time to get to the point and while they’re distracting us with pointless technology and Homer singing proudly, there’s still no discernible climax when we actually get to the maths competition! It’s rather less clever than everyone was hoping, with a few random maths equations and Bart randomly solving a puzzle using Homer’s hair.


Al Jean promised last year that there would be a future episode featuring all the smartest maths jokes the writers could come up with. This is it? I was expecting maths jokes out the wazoo but all I could find was a sign: Math joke of the day: √-1 2^3 Σ π (I know it has something to do with pi/e…). There’s three potential stories presented here but all the audience is left with is a goddamn jug band to fill up the last 30 seconds. With the extended couch gag (which I also didn’t understand but saw a couple of Futurama references shoved in there) and the jug band finale, plus a disjointed lazy “plot”, I’m really wondering where the hilarity is.

On the bright side, there’s a looooooong wait til The Simpsons graces our screens once again.

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