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I wish my head was filled with guacamole.

Every Man’s Dream

Couch gag: The Simpsons recreate album covers by The Beatles. Whilst recreating Abbey Road, a bus hits them.

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest voices:
Adam Driver as Adam Sackler
Lena Dunham as Candace
Laura Ingraham as the therapist

Synopsis: Homer is diagnosed with narcolepsy. He and Marge trial being separated.

Discussion: Welcome to season 27! Unfortunately it does not start with a bang. Or maybe it does if Homer actually did date the pharmacist… But did he? I’m confused.

Let’s start again. Homer is diagnosed with narcolepsy. He meets a young pharmacist, Candace, who gives him his meds. He and Marge try couples counselling, Homer falls asleep, dreams he is dating Candace, and I don’t follow what happens from there.

This whole episode is confusing and wallows badly. It starts off with a good premise: Homer dating a younger woman. Again, the execution is terrible. It’s haphazard and lazy. Seriously, it was all a dream? And dreams within dreams while other people dream too? Christopher Nolan did it better, just saying.

I thought the episode was pretty good at not explaining everything… until about 5 minutes in when the exposition started again. Nice to know the writers aren’t reading reviews about themselves.

It’s yet another underwhelming episode for a dead series. Seriously people, cancel this show. Please.


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