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Anyone else want a taste of blue thunder?

Orange is the new Yellow

Billboard: Apu holding wilted roses with the caption: “Wilted Mother’s Day roses, 1% off”

Milhouse does not live below the puberty line

Couch gag: Animation of instruction of how to put together a couch, Ikea style

Director: Matthew Faughan

Synopsis: When Marge allows Bart to go to the park unsupervised, she’s hauled away to jail.

Discussion: I like the premise of this episode. I like that it’s a parody of Orange is the new Black and I like that Marge is in charge.

Unfortunately, it’s really boring. It tries so hard, but falls waaaay flat. The writers have tried to give Marge a holiday from the family by being in jail but she did it already at Rancho Relaxo, with better results.

The family are looked after by Flanders, but Homer and Bart still find a way to mess it up. Marge misses her family. There’s a cow in the tornado. Yawn.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a lot better than 60% of this season’s episodes, but it’s still a total yawn fest. It’s the kind of smooshy ending ones expects from a season finale but the zing is long gone.

Thank God that season is over, but I don’t hold high hopes for season 28. Sigh.

That’s the thing that boobs touch


Director: Matthew Nastuk

Synopsis: Homer faces his fear of public speaking by forming an improv troupe. Meanwhile, Bart is jealous that Ralph has a better treehouse than he does.

Discussion: Let me preface this by saying I’m in Australia, where not only do we get “new” episodes months after the US, in instances like these we’d probably only get one episode if I was to wait for free-to-air TV. However, I’m lucky enough to have access to both improvised episodes, so here we go. I literally have no idea what to expect.

Homer overcomes his fear of public speaking by getting into the improv scene, which should be freakin’ hilarious, but falls way, way short.

Bart’s plot wasn’t any better. I did like the Treehouse of Horror: The Complete Collection joke but this was severely underused. There’s so many ways it could have gone but it didn’t.

The story was pretty thin…and flawed. Homer has never had an issue speaking in public before but hey, let’s just look past that like we do every other inconsistency.

For an episode about comedy, it’s not that funny. There were a few minor laughs along the way, such as Wiggum raiding the evidence cupboard for Ralph’s birthday present and releasing the therapy hounds.

The two three-minute “live” segments featured actual calls from real people and only proves one thing: Dan Castellaneta is terrible at improv.



You guys kiss like grandmas

To Courier With Love

Billboard: Nelson vandalising a Paper Towel ad so it reads Pooper Towel.

Dirty clothes are not a Mother’s Day gift

Couch gag: The family break through the back wall, revealing they are on a football field.

Guest voices:
Jay Leno as himself

Director: Timothy Bailey


Discussion: Lisa inexplicably finds an antique car in the garage, Homer sings a cute song, Marge cries. So begins another Simpsons episode.

Anyhoo, the Simpsons end up in Paris after some weird exchange with a dodgy travel agent and becoming a courier.

This ep is as predictable as um, something predictable. Within five minutes, I was facepalming and wishing I was sitting on a warm tropical island drinking cocktails served by a topless Matt Damon.

Wait, where was I? So the family lands in Paris and set a snake free. The two French guys could be the same ones Bart stays with waaaay back in season 1… In fact that would have made a far more interesting episode. Bart could catch up with them and finally get revenge.

Instead we’re forced to watch Homer and Marge taking a romantic stroll while Bart feeds starving supermodels and Lisa complains about something no one cares about while French versions of Chief Wiggum, Eddie and Lou arrest Homer.


It’s not quite a rusty-spoon-in-the-eyes episode, but it’s still utter garbage. Avoidance level: 9/10.

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