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Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus

Billboard: Why are they hitting themselves? How to bully-proof your kid. (By Nelson)

This arm needs Tommy John surgery

Couch gag: An Adventure Time themed alternate opening.

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Yay! It’s the season 28 premiere! Whoda thunk that we’d still be alive to see season 28??

For those playing The Simpsons Tapped Out, the basic storyline was already previewed over the past week as a mini event hit our games. For those with a life, the town’s Lard Lad building is replaced and the new-look statue causes widespread destruction. The Simpsons ask Mr Burns to rebuild the town and he agrees, on one condition: he’s allowed to showcase Springfield Follies at the Springfield Bowl.

Sure, it’s a flimsy  and recycled premise (remember A Star is Burns?), but that’s what we’ve come to expect from this show. There’s also strangely placed, nonsensical scene of a beach party in the nuclear plant… But anyhoo.

Nothing in this episode makes sense. There’s no plot, just nonsensical scenes and dialogue. The flashback to Mr Burns’ childhood is simply ridiculous and explains nothing. Honestly, I think the major clue is in the power plant party scene with the song ‘Because I Got High’ playing.

Sideshow Mel summed it up nicely when he pleaded for a murder of crows to pluck out thine eyes.



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