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Intimate but heterosexual

Trust But Clarify

Billboard: Beware Rigged Voting Machines

The first episode of the second 600

Couch gag: Homer sees his family and world as cubist art.

Guest voices:
Dan Rather as himself

Director: Michael Polcino

Kent Brockman is fired after admitting he didn’t do any of the things he claimed to do. Homer is jealous that someone else got a promotion. Bart and Lisa investigate the new candy by Krusty.

Discussion: The beauty of South Park is that they have a turnaround of two weeks, so whatever is happening in the world can be made into a brand new episode in a fortnight. With The Simpsons, the turnaround is about six months. Even so, the jokes are so old I rode them to school before dinosaurs were invented. I did notice a small insert where late late late late night talk show host Jimmy Jimmy tousled Brockman’s hair…

Kent Brockman is hard on his luck after admitting he hasn’t done anything he’s said he’s done, like the killing of bin Laden. Lisa and Bart are investigating the latest Krusty candy and trying to enlist Kent to get somewhere. Meanwhile, in a deja vu moment of Marge buying a Chanel suit, Homer buys a new suit to emulate the guy who got the promotion over him to impress Mr Burns.

This episode was written by regular voice actor, Harry Shearer. You’d think someone involved with the show would know what a decent episode entails, and write to their strengths. Instead, this is a mish-mosh piece of garbage that left me scratching my head as to what was actually going on. This episode had no plot whatsoever, instead just throwing characters around with no conclusion. There’s potential for some really interesting stories and scandals involving Krusty and his new candy, but instead it’s waylaid by Kent taking back his old job for no reason other than the episode was finished.

There’s really nothing to like here. The episode was too short, none of the three plots were satisfying in any way and the cultural references were way behind the times.

It’s a particularly weak effort in all aspects.





I don’t take orders from a hot dog

Treehouse of Horror XXVII

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Guest Voices:
Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob
Drew Carey as himself
Sarah Silverman as Rachel
Donald Fagen as himself
Judith Owen as 600 singer

Synopsis: The Simpsons’ annual Halloween episode. Also their 600th episode!

Planet of the VR couches: The past three episodes have featured VR glasses… Just sayin’.

Dry Hard: When a drought hits Springfield, Mr Burns organises a Hunger Games style battle where the winner has a day of aquatic fun. This segment is worth it just to see Mr Burns’ homage to Flashdance. I actually quite enjoyed this segment even though I loathe the source material.

BFF RIP: Lisa’s best friends die and she blames the deaths on her imaginary friend, Rachel. It’s predictable and not terribly good, but Homer’s imaginary friend Sgt Sausage is pretty funny.

Moefinger: Moe turns out to be a spy and needs Bart to avenge Homer’s death. I like that the ol’ Love Tester is seen. However, the rest of the segment is pretty stupid.

At the end of the ep, there’s a Bond-inspired song in tribute to the 600th episode. They say in hell, they make you watch all the episodes back to back.


The dog and the baby are your people

The Town

Director: Rob Oliver

Guest Voices:
 Bill Burr as Townie
Michael Chiklis as Handsome Quarterback
Rachel Dratch as Bostonian Doctor
Doris Kearns Goodwin as herself
Dana Gould as Murphy

Synopsis: Something about a football game and Bart barracking for a Boston team.

Discussion: …Really?

The premise of this episode is hate: Homer takes the family on a hate-cation to show them the worst the city has to offer. It’s brilliant in that this episode also shows the worst the series has to offer. What terrific irony!

This ep is full of insults and offensive phrases, some of which aren’t even intentional. I’m not sure what this episode is about other than to make fun of the Bostonian accent. I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning hidden in here, but I’m having trouble isolating it. Ultimately, it’s just another Simpsons family outing which doesn’t make sense.

What is that, a river otter?

Friends and Family

Billboard: Dr Nick with a chainsaw: Tell me what, and I’ll cut

I will stop losing 50% of my NFL lead-in

Couch gag: An off-screen finger taps the Simpsons through a smart phone but Homer is too fat so he’s whacked on the head to render him unconscious.

Director: Lance Kramer

Guest voices:
Alison Janney as Julia

Synopsis: Mr Burns decides he wants a family. Let the auditions begin!

Discussion: …What?

Mr Burns finds Professor Frink’s VR headgear and decides that the Simpsons sans Homer would be the perfect virtual reality. Cue a bunch of random scenes thrown together featuring the family in green-screen technology and Homer at Moe’s.

What makes classic Simpsons classic is the storytelling. Here we have a ton of montages with no end product- there is no point to seeing Homer washing his underwear in the dishwasher. Living in a virtual world should be perfect fodder to see what Mr Burns tick… However all we end up seeing is Mr Burns turning the shower knobs on for a hot shower. Really? With a lifetime of memories to relive and a whole world to explore, Mr Burns wants to pretend to have a hot shower. Yawwwwwwwwwwwn!

Meanwhile, Homer is naked and meets the back neighbour Julia, voiced by Alison Janney who is clearly reading from a script while wishing she was somewhere else.

This episode is lacking cohesive narrative, any form of direction and very poor performances. Have the actors finally realised this is a pointless exercise with a biiiig paycheque?

There’s two distinct plots here which could have been so much better. Julia’s friendship with Homer could have been so much better! Instead there’s two minutes smooshed somewhere near the end where Marge gets angry at Homer’s friendship. Had the episode focused on this, it would have been watchable. At the heart of every great episode is the family coming together after a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, this episode lost its direction altogether.


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