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Now I’m just a homeless jerk

22 for 30

Couch gag: While a lullaby version of the theme plays, it is revealed Maggie is drawing the characters onto the couch. Lisa is drawing Maggie, Bart is drawing Lisa, Marge is drawing Bart and Homer is drawing Marge whilst eating a doughnut.

Director: Chris Clements

Synopsis: Bart shoots baskets while in detention and ends up in the school’s basketball team.

Guest Voices:
Stephen Curry as himself
Earl Mann as Narrator (Eddie Muntz)
Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony

Discussion: Whilst I applaud the change in style to a documentary-style chronicling the rise and fall of Bart’s career as an elementary school basketball hero, there is still no actual plot to this episode.

When I heard Stephen Curry was a guest voice in this ep, I was pretty excited. I watched the whole episode in anticipation of how an Aussie comedian got to be in the show before I finally Googled and saw Stephen Curry is a US basketball player.

Having said that, I watched this whole episode waiting for something to happen and it never did. Normally I’m quite fond of Fat Tony but there was nothing here to be fond about. So, moving on to the next episode…

That’s Disney logic

Kamp Krustier

Billboard: This St Patrick’s Day, kiss  the Barney Stoned

We’re the only house where the Christmas tree is still up

Couch gag: A pachinko machine puts balls in everyone’s place except Homer.

Synopsis: A sequel to season 4’s Kamp Krusty episode. Bart and Lisa return after overthrowing the camp, interrupting Homer and Marge’s snuggle time. Bart fakes PTSD.

Guest voices:
Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson
Michael Sheen as William Masters
Kevin Michael Richardson as Barry White-like Singer

Discussion: The writer of the classic Kamp Krusty episode returns 18 years later to pen this disaster of an episode. Did he wander in with a brilliant idea only to be told the show had changed direction and awesomeness was no longer required?

In any case, this episode is forgettable. Homer is sexually frustrated, leading to nothing of note. Bart fakes PTSD from his time at Kamp Krusty, also leading to nothing of note. Whoda thunk it?

Boy, I’m getting repetitive. Tell me again why I’m doing this…?

That’s exactly what I’m bad to!

The Cad and the Hat

Couch gag: The Simpsons wonder where the painting of the yacht went. Homer wanders into other animations to track it down.

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Guest Voices:
Magnus Carlsen as himself
Seth Green as the Robot Chicken Nerd
Patton Oswalt as Bart Simpson’s Guilt

Synopsis: Bart throws away Lisa’s favourite hat.

Discussion: it’s pretty sad when we start with a montage of Lisa buying a new hat. Seriously.

We’ve just seen an episode with pointless flashbacks and it’s continued in this piece of rubbish where Homer has somehow learned to play chess.

Bart is feeling guilty about proclaiming he’s bad to the bone. Lisa looks for her hat. This is what passes for a Simpsons episode these days? Wow. Someone, please, let this show die.

You were young then and stupid now


Billboard: Apu holding a mug declaring I heart VD. Kwik-E-Mart’s special is Your 2 days to Valentine’s Headquarters

If we’re so good at predicting, how come my dad bet on Atlanta?

Couch gag: Marge opens a safe behind the yacht painting to remove Maggie.

Director: Mike Kirkland

Synopsis: Springfield’s fast food outlets have turned to healthy food so Homer turns to a hot dog stand outside city limits.

Guest voices:
Glenn Close as Mona Simpson
Kevin Michael Richardson as Deuce

Discussion: I honestly have no idea what this episode is about. Homer eats hot dogs and Lisa is sad when the school radio station is shut down.

As far as plots go, I’ve seen commercials for dog food with more plot than this. This is even lower than monkeys shitting out random Scrabble letters to form a script. There is nothing redeeming about this mess. Next!


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