I watch, and blog, and watch and blog and watch. It's the Simpsons every day!

That’s Disney logic

Kamp Krustier

Billboard: This St Patrick’s Day, kiss  the Barney Stoned

We’re the only house where the Christmas tree is still up

Couch gag: A pachinko machine puts balls in everyone’s place except Homer.

Synopsis: A sequel to season 4’s Kamp Krusty episode. Bart and Lisa return after overthrowing the camp, interrupting Homer and Marge’s snuggle time. Bart fakes PTSD.

Guest voices:
Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson
Michael Sheen as William Masters
Kevin Michael Richardson as Barry White-like Singer

Discussion: The writer of the classic Kamp Krusty episode returns 18 years later to pen this disaster of an episode. Did he wander in with a brilliant idea only to be told the show had changed direction and awesomeness was no longer required?

In any case, this episode is forgettable. Homer is sexually frustrated, leading to nothing of note. Bart fakes PTSD from his time at Kamp Krusty, also leading to nothing of note. Whoda thunk it?

Boy, I’m getting repetitive. Tell me again why I’m doing this…?

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