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It’s the worst prognosis ever


Moms I’d Like to Forget

Billboard: Cletus and Brandine spruiking the Spuckler Day Care: “just chuck ’em in the pile”

January is not Bart history month

Couch gag: The couch prepares for “work”- letting the Simpsons sit on it.

Director: Chris Clements

Synopsis: Discovering a scar on his hand which matches scars on three other kids’ hands, Bart seeks the truth while Marge befriends her whole mothers’ group buddies.

Discussion: So, does anyone actually care how Bart got his scar? Nah, me neither. The viewer knows something will happen to encourage family bonding while losing new found friends, but I still felt ripped off by the story. There was nothing here to hold any sort of interest whatsoever, and Bart’s escapades seemed like filler for a story that was never going anywhere.

Sometimes I think episodes have a cute title and the writers throw together ideas relating to that title just to get an episode happening. This is one of those times. It seems like a cute play on MILF but turns into some weird sort-of friendship that fills the hours instead of filling a psychological need to be part of a group. Marge doesn’t have a lot of luck in having or holding friends, and this one is no different. She used to be friends with these people and suddenly remembers in the dying minutes of the ep why she stopped being friends with them. And apparently it has nothing to do with mommy-on-mommy action.

It is, quite simply, a lame episode which offers nothing but cheap stunts, controversial scenes and unsatisfactory conclusions. I really started to wonder why I continue with this project, but even during the craptacular episodes, I still hope that tomorrow’s one is worth the wait.


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