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This barely qualifies as news


The Lastest Gun in the West

Making Milhouse cry is not a science project

Couch gag: The family walk in to see Squeaky-Voiced Teen kissing a girl on the couch.

Director: Bob Anderson

Guest voices:
Frank Welker as vicious dog
Dennis Weaver as Buck McCoy

Synopsis: Bart is chased by a vicious dog and finds himself befriending an alcoholic Western film actor.

Discussion: *POKE*  Are you awake?

This episode sees Bart being chased by a vicious dog (for no reason). Seeking refuge, he ends up in the front yard of a washed up Western movie star who seems really awesome, until an appearance on the Krusty show reveals him to be an alcoholic, so the family try to help him become a hero again by staging a bank robbery. As you do.

To be honest, there’s only one thing to love about this ep, and the moment belongs to Homer.


I don’t know what the writers or animators were thinking, but HELL YEAH! Farrah Fawcett may be gone, but this picture lives on forever.

I can’t really find anything nice to say about the rest of the ep. There’s no memorable lines, no memorable plots (I suspect people talk about this ep as “the one with the weird, angry dog”) and nothing to bring this ep any joy. It’s just crap.

Very la-de-dah


Days of Wine and D’oh’ses

I was not touched “there” by an angel

Couch gag: The family circa 1990 are sitting on the couch. Modern Simpsons come in, everyone screams and runs away.

Director: Neil Affleck

Synopsis: When the regulars of Moe’s Tavern make fun of Barney’s drunkenness, Barney turns sober.

Discussion: I’m in two minds about this episode. First, it’s great to see someone overcoming a debilitating addiction such as alcoholism. But then again, Barney’s humour is in his drunken states. The process of Barney becoming sober is a good one though: Homer cracking jokes about 12 steps and taking “six silver bullets” so Barney can fly the helicopter and save Bart and Lisa. Barney staying sober… well, we’ll see how that plays out (it’s not long after this season that I stopped watching).

The subplot about Bart and Lisa’s attempts at capturing the perfect pic for the cover of the new phonebook is average, but does lead to the climax of a sober Barney flying the chopper to save them. It’s not a brilliant ep, but it does have a good plot and explores another side of Barney.

This ep screened right after a flash-forward ep; the previous episode in which Barney’s alcoholism was explored was his prize-winning film, which screened right before the first flash-forward ep of Lisa’s Wedding. Coincidence?

Finally, is Barney the long lost father of Nelson? Apart from the nose, they’re very much alike…


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