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You talk like my ass plays harmonica


Judge Me Tender

Billboard: Krusty’s one year sobriety show: cancelled

The end of ‘Lost’ was all the dog’s dream. Watch us.

Couch gag: Homer and Bart are performing a Punch and Judy style puppet show, while they strangle each other under the platform.

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Guest voices:
Simon Cowell as himself
Ryan Seacrest as himself
Randy Jackson as himself
Kara DioGuardi as herself
Ellen DeGeneres as herself
Rupert Murdoch as himself

Synopsis: Moe displays a talent for judging, and is selected to go to LA to judge American Idol. Since Moe’s bar is closed, Homer spends a lot more time with Marge “helping” around the house.

Discussion: What’s worse than having episode after episode of pointless, crappy episodes? Having a really good one that reminds you how good the show can be, and then having a really crappy one straight after it. What the hell was this train wreck about?

I can see why this episode was chosen to close out the season: a shed load of guest stars hoping to compete with the Lost finale and the increasingly popular Breaking Bad (although the BB ep that aired this night was the inanely slow ‘Fly’ episode, which was only shot in order to cut costs during production, according to Vince Gilligan during a recent trip to Sydney).

The ep absolutely falls flat on its arse. There’s nothing memorable about this ep; in fact I want to wash my brain with disinfectant so I can forget I watched it. Despite being awesome as Dory in Finding Nemo, Ellen DeGeneres shows a complete lack of voice talent here, muttering an inane ramble which ends with her dancing. Other lowlights include: Lisa and Santa’s Little Helper scooting across the backyard and Homer releasing a belly full of water into Ned’s face. At these points, I was embarrassed for the writers, the animators and the director who allowed this rubbish to make it to television.

Nothing about this episode worked. There’s Moe dishing out sarcasm, which hasn’t brought him a lot of love in the past yet now he’s celebrated for it. Marge annoyed at Homer for getting in the way. It could have been done better but got lost in the mediocrity that the show is drowning in. Lisa’s subplot with the dog is pure filler and not worth opening your eyes for. If I had to grade the episode, it’s a big fat F.

It’ll make Moon River sound like a farting orangutan


A Star is Torn

Couch gag: In a parody of Get Smart, Homer goes through a series of doors before dropping through a telephone booth to the couch.

Director: Nancy Kruse

Guest Voice:
Fantasia Barrino as Clarissa Wellington

Synopsis: Lisa is entered into a singing competition with Homer as her manager, but he embarrasses her and is fired.

Discussion: This episode parodies American Idol type shows as well as manager-parents. Homer has been a manager before (remember Lurleen?) but somehow screws things up for his little girl and she fires him.

How this ep was expected to go: An all-out battle between Lisa and Clarissa which ends in backstabbing and Homer winning Lisa’s love again. How this ep actually was: Clarissa being kicked out and Homer representing Cameron, a cute kid with a winning smile and a dumbass song (written by Homer in order to be voted off).

Clarissa is voiced by the talented Fantasia Barrino, herself a product of American Idol. Why she only sings one song before falling off the face of the planet, I don’t know. Did Fantasia not want to speak in the role? Was she unimpressed and the character was cut? In any case, Clarissa falls through the Buzz Cola trapdoor, leaving Lisa and Cameron to be finalists.

Once you get over What-Happened-To-Clarissa? the ep is actually quite sweet. It’s yet another attempt at bonding between Homer and Lisa, which, as we’ve seen many times previously, never goes to plan. This is probably the closest it has ever come to a fully functional relationship.

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