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The greatest weapon of all is mercy


Angry Dad: The Movie

Couch gag: The Simpsons are ice hockey players sent to the penalty box for fighting.

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest voices:
Ricky Gervais as himself
Russell Brand as himself
Halle Berry as herself
Nick Park as himself
JB Smoove as DJ Kwanzaa

Synopsis: Bart’s web comic, Angry Dad, is made into a movie, garnering every award in Hollywood but Bart becomes jealous when Homer steals all the credit.

Discussion: Wow. What a load of steaming yellow crap. We first saw Angry Dad in ‘I am Furious (Yellow)‘, in which Bart creates a comic based on Homer’s tantrums. That was a very good episode. This sequel sucks monkey balls. It’s hard to isolate exactly why it sucks so badly though. Maybe it’s because we see approximately three seconds of Angry Dad. Maybe it’s the try-hard guest stars who seem embarrassed to be there. Maybe it’s the lame parodies of animation greats. It’s hard to choose.

I was expecting more from this episode. At the very heart of the episode is Bart’s anger at Homer taking all the credit and not allowing Bart to accept any awards, but this is lost underneath the theme from Jurassic Park (what?) and a bunch of parodies of famous works of animation. Normally I am a big fan of taking a risk, doing something different, but this ep tries too hard to push stuff together and it just doesn’t work. The plot, or what passes for a plot, is far too rushed and there’s nothing to hold the episode together apart from these claymation parodies and some guest stars.

I’m not a fan of Ricky Gervais, particularly in his “performance” here. His rambling speech to the bartender almost drove me to insanity. It’s completely unnecessary and embarrassing. Not amusing in the slightest. And don’t even get me started on the rambling rubbish over the credits! What a pile of poo! Halle Berry seemed glad when her part was over and Russell Brand probably only did it to pay off a debt. The voice talents, although appropriate, were completely wasted.

Nothing about this worked for me. The animation parodies were far too long, taking away from the main point that is Angry Dad. There’s no connection between Bart and Homer, not even in inevitable reconciliation. The plot is buried underneath animators trying to be clever. It’s just a rubbish episode, trying far too hard to be what it’s not. Did this originally air during sweeps week? It feels like someone’s shoved a bunch of popular stuff together to reach an audience whom, by now, really couldn’t care less and are probably only still watching the show because they’re high.

Lousy minor setback! This world sucks!


I Am Furious (Yellow)
Couch gag: A prize machine claw grabs Homer’s head, who yells “Ow! My brain!”
Director: Chuck Sheetz
Guest voice:
Stan Lee as himself
Synopsis: Bart creates a comic called Angry Dad, based on Homer.
Discussion: Just when you think The Simpsons is completely dead, along comes ‘I am Furious (Yellow)‘. Inspired by an illustrator at the school’s Career Day talks, Bart decides to create a comic based on Homer’s tantrums. It garners attention from an internet animation company, who put the series online, making Homer and Bart stars.
This is a fantastic episode. It doesn’t quite shine like earlier seasons, but it gets pretty darn close. Homer is at his angry best, pouring out his rage at the world, every moment being captured by Bart. This ep is character and plot-driven, making it a highlight of the season. Stan Lee is fabulous as himself, who has somehow found a home in the Android’s Dungeon, happily rearranging comics and figures to highlight his Marvel collection.
I don’t get the title reference; a 1960s Swedish art house film called I Am Curious (Yellow), but that’s a minor thing. The ep also references the so-called dot com bubble, which busted somewhere in the early 2000s when internet businesses all over the world suddenly went bust. This ep was produced after the bubble burst, making hindsight 20/20 as far as these things go.
Overall, it’s a great episode. It’s referenced again in a later season when Bart is offered the chance to make Angry Dad: The Movie. But we’ll get to that later. I’d have liked to see this internet comic/cartoon thing be a mainstay in the series. I think it would Bart a lot of good to become wealthy- that way, you can poke some fun at child stars who lost their fortunes due to bad parent-manager relationships (I’m looking at you, Macaulay Culkin).

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