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This avocado just gave me a wedding ring


G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)

We are not all naked under our clothes

Couch gag: The Simpsons’ couch is a on a conveyor belt and the family go through a car wash. 

Director: Nancy Kruse

Guest Voices:
Kiefer Sutherland as the Colonel
Maurice LaMarche as Assistant Colonel

Synopsis: Homer joins the Army. 

Discussion: You’d think that Homer joining the army would be hilarious, yet here I am wondering what the hell I’ve just done in the past 20 minutes. What should have been a witty and biting satire on the US Army and their exploits is actually a Colonel with silly ideas and Homer hiding from them. Nothing happens in this episode except for a mildly amusing Looney Tunes-style chase involving Homer and a drone helicopter but even that is lame and not obvious until the very end of the sequence. 

This episode is so far below average, it can’t see average with a telescope. Easily one of the dumbest episodes in the entire series: it’s pointless, unfunny and a complete waste of time. Kiefer Sutherland is a highlight, as always, but I imagine he was raising his eyebrows when he was handed his lines. 

He’s pretty chunkified

Bart the General

Couch gag: none

Director: David Silverman

Synopsis: Bart is being bullied at school and decides to fight back with the help of some friends and an ex-military man named Herman.

First appearance of:
Nelson Muntz
(Mrs Hoover is mentioned but not seen)

Bart may be cool at school, but he’s still bullied. Enter Nelson Muntz, Goliath to Bart’s David. This is a common theme throughout the series although the audience does eventually seen softer sides to Nelson. Today’s episode shows Nelson to be one chunkified mother of a bully. Bullying itself is a common theme of The Simpsons; later we’ll meet Jimbo & co as well as Lisa’s experiments with Francine and nerd sweat. At the end of this episode is Bart with a disclaimer that wars are not cool (with a few exceptions). This is interesting because, generally speaking, the only episodes with disclaimers are the Treehouses of Horror.

Throughout the episode, I wondered how it might play differently had the episode come later in the series and came to the conclusion that it probably wouldn’t be too much different. Lisa might defend Nelson, considering her brief relationship with him. Marge might talk of Nelson’s sensitivities. No doubt Homer would still advise violence. Grandpa would probably be less useful; in this episode he advises Bart as to revenge but if this was later in the series, no doubt Grandpa would go off on a tangent about walking-birds when Lincoln was president. Having said that, this is probably the first episode which could slip into later episodes and keep the same dynamics that have been built up over 23+ years.

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