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Ambidextrous- lefties in denial


Bart Has Two Mommies

Couch gag: The living room is protected by a laser security system, and the family have to weave around them to get to the couch. Homer’s head is cut off by a laser. 

Director: Mike Mercantel

Guest voices:
Susan Sarandon as herself being the computer voice
Randy Johnson as himself
Antonio Fargas as Huggy Bear
Dave Thomas as Bob Hope

Synopsis: Marge babysits the Flanders kids and Homer looks after the Simpsons kids, taking them to the zoo of retire celebrity animals where Bart is kidnapped by an ape. 

Discussion: …What? This episode takes a long time to get moving and when it does, it still has no point. There’s a lot of cutesy Flanderisms and one liners but nothing of substance. Any emotion supposed to be here is completely missing and Lisa is given lines to explain what’s going on- in earlier episodes this feeling would have been obvious, not needed to be stated by a character. 

I guess the most interesting thing about this ep is the maturing of the Flanders boys. Rod and Todd have been sheltered all their lives, even more so since the untimely death of their mother Maude. Enter Marge, who lets them play Christian Clue (unfortunately Rod cuts his finger on the plastic weapon) and takes them to a game centre to climb walls and play in ball pits. It’s a dangerous environment but hey, someone has to take the kids into the real world. 

I’ve said it before, but the Flanders kids would be really interesting in the Real World. It’s a bit like that reality show where Amish teenagers experience all the hedonistic wonders on offer in the world. This ep gets halfway there, but the subplot of Bart being kidnapped by the ape really detracts from it. By the way, is it still a subplot when the title of the ep references it? 

Anyhoo, this ep sucked. There was no feeling in it and no point. Marge’s impassioned plea to Toot-Toot to release Bart was the lowlight of the ep. I do have one burning question though: How the heck does Ned Flanders know the lyrics to ‘Welcome to the Jungle’?? 

Our stamens are a pistil


Moe Baby Blues

Couch gag: The Simpsons are made of gingerbread and Homer takes a bite out of Bart.

Director: Lauren MacMullen

Guest voice:
Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony

Synopsis: After catching Maggie from a car accident, Moe bonds with her.

Discussion: Aww, Moe finally has some meaning to his life and it’s in the shape of a little baby named Maggie Simpson.

Whilst this episode doesn’t compare to the early episodes, there’s a sweetness to it, plus it’s quite surprising that someone like Moe can bond so effectively with Maggie. There are some hilarious visual gags in the ep: when the Simpsons are first entering the Botanic Gardens and Lisa cracks up at the garden (also the title of this blog post), Moe playing bar with Maggie instead of the traditional tea party, and the orange wedges that ultimately give away the fate of little Maggie.

The storyline declines when the Mafia get involved and turns this ep into another “WTF?” moment. However the quip made by Homer makes up for it:

Moe: We have to go into Little Italy.Homer: I’ll get our little passports. 

It’s not a particularly strong finish to the season but it is highly enjoyable. There’s a certain poignancy to the Moe-Maggie relationship, although we know Moe has a heart; we’ve seen him reading Little Women to homeless people before. Poor Moe does seem to be continually left out and ridiculed so it’s nice to see something good happening to him.

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