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The chemicals probably made him smart

Bart the Genius

I will not waste chalk.

Couch gag: The family rush in and plonk themselves on the couch. Bart is on the end and is squeezed out.

Director: David Silverman

Synopsis: Bart cheats on an intelligence test, changing papers with Martin, the smartest kid in the class. Bart’s IQ is determined to be 216 and he is placed into a school for gifted children. The other kids in the class immediately realise Bart isn’t a genius at all and Bart feels isolated, wishing to return to his own class. He confesses everything, which surprises no one and angers Homer, who has bonded with Bart.

First appearance of:
Edna Krabappel
Martin Prince

Although cited as a favourite episode among the writers, it’s not one of mine. There are funny moments, such as Bart’s “winning” Scrabble word of Kwyjibo (meaning a fat, balding, North American ape with a short temper), but the episode doesn’t have that biting satire that is synonymous with many Simpsons episodes. In fact this satire isn’t seen at all in the first season, largely for reasons discussed yesterday. Most series’ are finding their feet in the first season; if you told the creators in 1990 that the show would still be around 23 years later, they’d probably laugh at you and think there was something really wrong. No one then could have dreamed that the show would become what it has. But I digress.

The true characters of the Simpson family are fully realised in this episode. Maggie is probably another Lisa, who is the smartest person in the family; Homer has a short temper but wants his kids to do well and Marge does everything she can in order to nurture her children to become the best they can be, although she does seem to miss Lisa’s obvious intelligence but this is probably because she’s so surprised at Bart’s emerging intellect.

The only real question I have about the episode is: why did Milhouse’s hair suddenly change to black in one scene?

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