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Do alligators alligate?



Billboard: Krusty advertising that he now does funerals, but it has been graffitied with “Banksy” written over it

I must not write all over the walls (this is written on the chalkboard and the walls)

Couch gag: A vision of an Asian sweatshop, churning out Simpsons-related animation and merchandise.

Director: Nancy Kruse

Guest Voices:
Bill James as himself
Mike Scioscia as himself

Synopsis: Lisa takes over as manager and coach of Bart’s baseball team, leading them to victory with statistics.

Discussion: Someone poke me in the ribs when this is over, OK?

Being a sport episode, I kinda tuned out anyway, but I think I actually had a cat nap when the Scioscia fellow started talking. Boy, is he ever annoying. And no, I have no idea who he is.

Let’s start at the beginning. A Yale graduate, a former student of Springfield Elementary, visits Lisa’s school and informs Lisa she’s going to need to do more in order to attend an Ivy League school. At the same time, Ned Flanders quits as coach of Bart’s little league baseball team, leading Lisa to pick up an extra curricular activity as manager and coach. Sure, OK, I can live with that.

Some nerds at Moe’s show Lisa how statistically structured the game is, and Lisa uses this knowledge to guide the team to victory. Bart plays up, gets fired, blah blah blah- we’ve seen it all before.

Various members of the Simpson family have tried their hand at coaching Bart’s team, and Homer himself had a stint at playing baseball. Bart doesn’t listen to Lisa. What’s so different about this episode? The answer is nothing. It’s re-treading old ground, adding nothing new or interesting to the canon, and offering little entertainment for the 20 minute investment of my time.

The great artist Banksy did the opening sequence. It’s very dark and doesn’t suit the light heartedness of the show or any other opening sequence. The music is very sad, the sequence is uncomfortable (as all great art is) but it doesn’t imbue the flavour of the episode as a whole, nor the series in any way; it just feels like a dig at Fox and the animation team instead of a satire.

Overall, the ep is mediocre at best. The sport episodes are generally boring to a non-sporty person like me but when the storyline and theme has been done to death, it really just feels like a gigantic waste of time and effort.

Duff man is thrusting in the direction of the problem


Hungry Hungry Homer

Temptation Island was not a sleazy piece of crap

Couch gag: The family, dressed in black belt karate uniforms, karate chop the couch to pieces.

Director: Nancy Kruse

Guest voices:
Stacy Keach as Howard K. Duff VIII

Synopsis: On a crusade to stand up for the little guy, Homer embarks on a hunger strike until the Duff Corp admit the Springfield Isotopes are being moved to Albuquerque.

Discussion: Firstly, I am impressed I spelled Albuquerque correctly on my first try. Secondly, this episode isn’t fantastic, although it is quite memorable.

Everyone remembers Homer going on a hunger strike, but can they remember why? Something to do with baseball… There’s no really memorable lines, apart from Homer’s dancing away the hunger pains song and saying “Me so hungy!” which every kid has said since the ep first aired. This ep feels meh- not much is happening, not even the first act when the Simpsons go to Blockoland as the premise to Homer standing up for the little guy’s rights. I get to the end of the ep and wonder where did the 21 minutes go? Something about baseball…

I think it’s a good premise to send Homer on a hunger strike. I had no idea he was quite so passionate about baseball in order to do it. What if the hunger strike was done ironically, with his favourite food being the subject? Maybe nachos could be made by a French company with fancy French sauces so Homer goes on a full hunger strike?? No? Well, I tried.


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