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Nice rapture, Einstein


Thank God, it’s Doomsday

couch gag: All the Simpsons have Moe’s face.

Director: Michael Marcantel

Guest voices:
Baha Men singing the haircut parody of their song, ‘Who let the dogs out?’
Los Lobos performing the end credits

Synopsis: After watching a movie about the Rapture, Homer predicts the apocalypse.

Discussion: Forgive me, Father, for I am about to blaspheme. What in the name of Jesus Christ was this shit?

After watching a movie called Left Below, Homer starts to panic and predicts the Rapture using numerology. His first prediction doesn’t come true but his second one, in which no one believes him, proves to be true… or at least, a very vivid dream.

Homer’s battles with religion are nothing new to The Simpsons. He’s started his own religion, he’s sued the church and taken residence, he’s taken active protests against going to church. Seeing a movie glorifying the Rapture which scares him into believing it could happen any day (and coincidentally, next Wednesday in particular) is completely out of character. Lisa’s quip about many predictions of Doomsday being incorrect is the most intelligent thing about this episode.

Coincidentally (or is it?), as I was watching today’s episode, a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door. They wanted to talk about what happens to people after they die and not the Rapture, but if they did I would have found it amusing for the coincidence. Spooky.

Anyhoo, back to the episode. Homer has dreamed about meeting God before, and Heaven does seem like a rather nice place but Homer being able to get there… well, it’s not going to happen because Homer just isn’t that pious. Surely wishing for the angel concierge’s head to explode proves that?

The Simpsons and religion go together well. This isn’t one of those well-done episodes. What if it were Marge who predicted Doomsday?

PS: Today is the anniversary of watching The Simpsons. Read about the past year here.

Those half pint slaves are exodusing


Simpsons Bible Stories

I can not absolve sins

couch gag: The floor is littered with banana skins, which the family slip on and land on the couch

Director: Nancy Kruse

Synopsis: During a hot morning at church, the Simpson family fall asleep and dream they lived in biblical times.

Discussion: This is a trilogy-episode in the style of the Halloween episodes. The Simpsons fall asleep in church (oh come on, who hasn’t?) and dream they are characters in a biblical story. Each story is from the Old Testament: Adam and Eve’s exile from the Garden of Eden, Moses parting the Red Sea and taking the Israelites with him, and David’s victory over Goliath. 

This is a great episode. It’s fresh, funny, and tells bible stories is a way that is largely inoffensive to religious types plus puts a Simpsons spin on itFlanders as God, the unicorn dying, Skinner as Pharaoh and Ralph Wiggum killing Goliath Jr are all part of the fun. Just when you think the show is going downhill fast, along comes something like this to liven it up again. 

The ending is interesting. Having realised that everyone has left church and they are the only ones, they go out into the world while the Apocalypse is happening. The Flanders family ascend to Heaven and Lisa begins to, until Homer pulls her down. Interesting that Lisa is the one to ascend- her ideas and skepticism about religion don’t exactly align with biblical teachings. It was evident in the Angel episode and will become more apparent soonish with her decision to become Buddhist. Anyhoo, maybe this was meant ironically. There is some debate among fans about the ending, whether it is canonical or not. Personally, I think it’s obviously not canonical. The Simpsons-world didn’t end and the Flanders appear in many more episodes. Plus, Lisa’s ascension into Heaven is most probably ironic and definitely doesn’t fit into the canon. 

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