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All About Lisa

Couch gag: The family are placed on the couch by a cursor, then dumped into trash, which is then emptied.

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Guest voice:
Drew Carey

Synopsis: Lisa wins Entertainer of the Year and Sideshow Mel narrates the backstory of how she got there.

Discussion: Underneath the glitz and glamour of a technically well-done episode lies the kernel of crapness. Of course, Lisa’s not the only Simpson kid who has been employed by Krusty in a pleb job only to become famous, and it was a lot funnier when Bart did it. Or is that, didn’t do it?

Meanwhile, Bart and Homer are bonding again, this time they’re collecting coins. Wow, exciting. There are a few giggles at their collecting escapades, but really, how much excitement is there in coin collecting?

One thing I did really like about the ep was the narration of Sideshow Mel. I’ve said before that I wished we had some sort of back story for him and my wish was half fulfilled in this episode. He’s always destined to be a sidekick, never the main character, but to have some sort of background for him is very satisfying: we know a lot about every other character except Mel. As a whole, the episode just wasn’t that great. It was deja vu and lacked any real spark of creativity.

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