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Ride the Homer horsey

Moaning Lisa

I will not instigate revolution

Couch gag: The family sit down, Maggie is squeezed out and caught by Marge.

Director: Wesley Archer

First appearance of:
Mr Largo, Lisa’s music teacher (although he has appeared in the opening sequence)
Bleeding Gums Murphy
Mrs Bouvier, Marge’s mother
Ralph Wiggum

Synopsis: Lisa is depressed by the world’s troubles and channels those emotions into her saxophone. She meets a jazz musician named Bleeding Gums Murphy (go see your dentist, kids!) who coaches Lisa into playing the blues. Meanwhile, Bart and Homer are enthralled in playing video game boxing. Bart is the undefeated champion so Homer learns some tricks from a young kid at the arcade and is moments from winning his first bout with Bart when Marge pulls the plug to talk about Lisa.

This is probably my least favourite episode of the entire series. The episode lacks everything that makes the series great, although it serves an important narrative function in allowing Lisa to ‘learn’ the blues and meet a defining character in her short little life. The viewer is torn between Lisa’s plight for all the injustice in the world and the continuing hijinks between Homer and Bart (or Homer and Lisa for that matter). This was the writers’ first foray into darker subject matter, but it demonstrates Lisa’s empathy and awareness of the world around her.

Although I’ve spent much of my life deriding this “Lisa is sad” episode, I can now see the important function it plays within the series. Bleeding Gums Murphy was not to become a regular character, which is understandable, however this probably impacts on Lisa’s creative development; this short encounter is enough to instill in her a love of jazz and playing the blues which is carried over to a number of future episodes. In the discourse between “real life” and “television narrative”, Lisa is much more likely to hang around Bleeding Gums a great deal more and become a fully rounded person. In any case, Lisa ends the episode being content with the world even with all the injustice.

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