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I love that slimy goop

There’s No Disgrace Like Home

I will not burp in class

Couch gag: When the family sit on the couch, Homer is squeezed out.

Directors: Gregg Vanzo and Kent Butterworth

Synopsis: At Mr Burns’ annual employee family day, Marge gets drunk, the kids act up and Homer realises his family aren’t perfect. He takes them into a family therapy centre but they leave just as dysfunctional as when they started.

First appearance of: Dr Marvin Monroe
Itchy & Scratchy
Eddie and Lou (cops)

The main thing about this episode is that character development is still in infancy. Homer is the voice of reason, trying to pull the family together whereas that characteristic is usually Marge’s domain. Lisa is short tempered and a bully, which she exhibits occasionally throughout the series however it is prevalent here. Bart, well, Bart is up to his usual tricks and pranks and fighting with Lisa. More of Mr Burns’ character is revealed; he is shown to be a greedy loner who does things just for the sake of show. This is consistent with later episodes… and Smithers appears yellow for the first time in the series.


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