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You will be called Stitch-Face

Homer Loves Flanders

I am not delightfully saucy

Couch gag: There are two couches and the family split in two to sit on both

Director: Wes Archer

Synopsis: Ned wins tickets to the biggest football game on Springfield’s calendar and takes Homer along. Homer publicly announces Ned to be his best friend and embark on some wacky adventures.

Discussion: Well, it turns out that Homer’s friendship is harder to handle than his antagonism! Who knew? The premise of the episode is a good one: what would happen if Homer and Ned were friends and how could they become so? I guess Ned really is into football, why else would he call the radio to win tickets to the Pigskin Classic? But anyhoo…

This ep is full of great lines: Homer’s song at the game when Flanders buys him a nacho hat (“Nacho nacho man! I wanna be, a nacho man!”) and the Flanders kid scolding Ned for lying to Homer (“Lies make baby Jesus cry”). What a way to guilt trip your own father.

As the wacky adventures with the Flanders family continue, Lisa worries that this may be a permanent thing. It’s a self parody as there are arcs within the show that continue and plenty that don’t. The main one is Apu’s marriage and octuplets, but we’ll get to that later.

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