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I thought that nipple would haunt me forever


Special Edna

couch gag: The family are deep fried and placed on the couch

Director: Bob Anderson

Guest Voice:
Little Richard as himself

Synopsis: Edna Krabappel is feeling second best to Skinner’s mother in their relationship. Bart nominates her for Teacher of the Year and Skinner has a change of heart, finally putting Edna’s needs in front of his mother’s.

Discussion: We’ll miss you, Mrs K.

Skinner’s focus on his mother is nothing new, and it’s starting to wear on his relationship with Edna. We haven’t seen much development of this relationship for a while, so it’s nice to get back to it. It’s a familiar storyline but that’s OK, it’s played out sweetly and in a different setting. I don’t understand the satirical references to EFCOT/EPCOT Center, but I do get the Exxon rollercoaster.

Anyhoo, the parts with Edna, Bart and Skinner are priceless, but the filler bits involving the World of Tomorrow left me scratching my head. What was that about?

This episode definitely feels like a set up for more exploration of the Skinner/Krabappel relationship, so I guess we’ll wait and see how it plays out (for those of us who haven’t seen much past this season).

He can crawl up through my toilet any day

Kill the Alligator and Run

I am not here on a fartball scholarship

Couch gag: The family walk over hot coals to get to the couch and when they put their feet up, they’re blackened.

Director: Jen Kamerman

Guest Voices:
Kid Rock as himself
Joe C as himself
Diedrich Bader as the sherriff
Robert Evans as himself
Charlie Rose as himself

Synopsis: Homer is paranoid that he doesn’t have long to live so he and the family head to Florida, where Homer accidentally kills a famous alligator.

Discussion: Yet another outlandish episode from The Simpsons. There are separate plots which do not marry well and end up as one big jumbled mess of crap.

Homer becomes a fan of self-tests on a range of subjects and finds himself having only another three years to live. Plagued by paranoia and insomnia, the family head to Florida for a vacation, where Homer finds some fun in Spring Break. This is all well and good… but then it goes downhill really fast. At the end of Spring Break, Homer wants to keep the party alive and takes the family out on the glades, where poor Captain Jack is killed by the speedboat. The family are now on the run.

The first bit is good, we’ll keep that. The killing of an alligator is garbage. The bit where the family become hillbillies and work for a redneck cafe is also good. The alligator coming back to life… WTF? Apparently there’s a deleted scene where the ‘gator is lying in state, which explains why Cap’n Jack was crawling out of the library. Some context would be nice. There are so many other sequences they could have left out in order to tighten the ep and leave that one in. Makes a lot more sense!

When this ep first aired, I had no idea who Kid Rock was. Even now his claims to fame over here is 1) marrying Pamela Anderson and 2) All Summer Long. So anything inferred by this part of the story is completely lost on me.

It’s not the first time the family have been on the run: recently we saw them growing tomacco because they were in hiding. It’s also not the first time Homer has been paranoid about his death: remember when he ate that puffer fish? In the Simpsons’ world, this ep takes place about 6 months after Maude died and Homer fell into the grave. Where was that bit in the episode screened? It would have been awesome but no, we were left with Homer making a dating tape for Ned.

In all, this ep is way below average and symptomatic of a dying show. It’s a huge mess.

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