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No one’s gay for Moeman



Couch gag: Toys drive to the couch and turn into the Simpsons, a la Transformers.

Director: Mike B. Anderson

Guest Voices:
Amy Poehler as Jenda
John DiMaggio as Bender

Synopsis: Professor Frink shows Bart and Lisa what they’re like as teenagers.

Discussion: This is the third (so far) episode which focuses on the future, after Lisa’s Wedding and Bart to the Future. This time, Bart and Lisa are attending their prom; Lisa is graduating two years early and Bart is… graduating. Maggie is vacationing on the beach in Alaska where it’s warm and sunny due to climate change. Cue the usual teenage dramas: sex on prom night, breaking up, choosing second best, parents’ separation and something about Milhouse’s muscles…

It’s good to have a different focus other than the kids for a while. In that, I mean they’re still kids, but older kids. There’s only so much you can do with an 8 and 10 year old (but yet they keep trying…)

This ep is pretty good but Milhouse’s melancholy and borderline paranoia are just plain weird and would have done better with just one mention straight up, and possibly the narrative closure of Bart saving Lisa from a life with Milhouse. Maybe Jenda could find Milhouse attractive instead? I would have liked to see more depth in the ep, I felt like it was skimming over the possibilities and going too far with the future technology- back in 2005 when this was first broadcast, there was no way we’d have fancy garbage collectors and hover cars within 8 years. Just saying is all.

It’s a worthy inclusion in the future-themed trilogy of The Simpsons.

Moochy moochy


Bart to the Future

“Non-flammable” is not a challenge

Couch gag: A bouncer allows the family in but turns Homer away

Director: Michael Marcantel

Synopsis: Bart is shown a vision of his future when the family visit a Native American casino.

Discussion: OK, so the critics hated it, but this episode is hilarious and it just keeps getting better. At the time, it was pretty lame. People kept comparing it to Lisa’s Wedding, which is unfair; having the same theme (flash-forward) doesn’t mean it’s comparable.

Anyhoo, let’s get to it. Lisa has “some government job”; the first straight female President of the United States. Bart is the black sheep- a loser who is always waiting for that big payoff. Here’s the hilarious bit- the US is completely broke! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! As I write this is September 2013, the US is close to its debt ceiling (again) which means it is, effectively, broke (why not ask Bill Gates for a loan?). President Lisa’s solution is to hike taxes and Bart buys some time with the creditors.

This ep works because everyone knows someone like future Bart: the guy who was too cool for school and waiting for his big break in life. Everything satirised in the ep is coming true, which makes it much more hilarious now than when first broadcast (although Chastity Bono is now Chas, but who saw that coming?) Quite simply, this is a fantastic ep and one of the few episodes to hold up well against the test of time.

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