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I thought the mirror was another movie

Let’s Go Fly a Coot

Couch Gag: The Simpsons are penguins sitting on an ice couch. Walrus Homer tips the couch and eats the penguins.

Director: Chris Clements

Synopsis: Bart takes up smoking to impress Milhouse’s Dutch cousin while Homer discovers Grampa’s military past.

Discussion: Yet another sterling effort from The Simpsons. And by “sterling”, I mean I want to stab my eyes out with a rusty spoon and get that flashy thing from Men In Black so I forget I watched it.

What starts out as a satirical look at children’s birthday parties gone bonkers quickly descends into too-long scenes with no point and nonsensical dialogue such as “The best way to get to know each other is to share a rugged outdoor activity… We could walk to the theatre!” Yes, seriously.

The main plot about Grampa and Homer takes a while to get going, and even then it doesn’t make any sense. Grampa, who used to have such brilliant lines such as “I was wearing an onion on my belt, as was the fashion at the time…” is now relegated to pointless flashbacks and explaining everything we see on the screen. And I’m still not sure what the point is. Oh wait, the point seems to be doing a grand gesture to bang a chick. Whoa.

Anyway, that episode sucked liquid nicotine and I hear it’s the 4th least watched episode ever. Nice work.

I guess my honky tonking days are over

Gone Abie Gone

Gone Abie Gone

I will not concede the election until Karl Rove gives me permission

Couch gag: The Simpsons and other Springfieldians are in a parody of Wacky Races. They all crash near the finish line and Grampa wins.

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest Voices:
Anika Noni Rose as Rita LaFleur
Marvin Hamlisch as himself
Jennifer Tilly as herself

Synopsis: Marge and Homer explore Grampa’s secret past while Lisa becomes addicted to online poker in order to increase her college fund.

Discussion: To be honest, the only reason I posted this picture and the quote for the title was to prove that I watched until the end. I was so very tempted to stop the agony about nine minutes in. But no, dear reader, I continued just for you.

Marge and Homer discover Abe is missing from the retirement castle and they go in search of him, uncovering a secret marriage along the way. This could be interesting, but no. Abe’s secret wife is an African American cabaret singer name Rita, who parted ways with Abe in order to tour Europe while Abe stayed at home with Homer. Why isn’t this more interesting? I can’t pinpoint exactly where it fails, it just does. Homer is not shocked at all to discover this secret of Abe’s, nor is there any mystery in where Abe actually is (if anyone cared where he went… But it’s better than finding him asleep in the park where he’d been feeding the birds).

Meanwhile, Homer’s settlement from being burned by onion rings sees him storing the money on an online poker site. Since when does Homer take financial advice from Moe? And, more importantly, why?? Anyhoo, Lisa wins enough to set her up for life but loses it all to Sideshow Bob, who is actually Bart, but then the site finds out they’re minors and they lose everything except the initial $5000 investment. Well, it’s better than Lisa learning to write cursive.

There is absolutely nothing of interest in this episode, but I can’t say it’s bad episode, just boring. For a great recap on the 5 worst episodes, I recommend Neon Whiskey’s post. This ep is light on jokes and story, but at least it’s not complete nonsense like some other eps.

That’ll be $18.50, bwana

Old Money

I will not grease the monkey bars

Couch gag: Grampa is asleep but woken by the Simpson family

Director: David Silverman

Guest Voices:
Phil Hartman as Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure
Audrey Meadows as Bea Simmons

First appearance of:
Professor Frink

Synopsis: Abe meets Bea Simmons and they begin a romance. Tragically, their romance is cut short when Bea dies, leaving all her money to Abe, who interviews everyone in Springfield to see who deserves it the most. Eventually he decides to donate it to the retirement “castle” for improvements as well as the Beatrice Simmons Memorial Dining Hall.

Discussion: Awww! Grampa finds a new love, seemingly securing another chance for happiness. This is another episode not focusing solely on the Simpson family, instead letting the viewer in on the retirement scene in Springfield. Jasper, whom has been seen in many previous episodes, is named in this one, as well as Grampa’s name being revealed as Abraham.

Personally, I thought this ep dragged a bit towards the end. Grampa’s decision as to where to put his new money just took forever. However, he did have some great lines and really rounded his depth as a character. It’s still a very sweet episode and mostly enjoyable. My grandfather recently passed away so at times it cut a little too close to home but hey, that’s the essence of all good media.

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