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That’s how I was raised and I turned out TV

Behind The Laughter

I will not obey the voices in my head

Couch gag: The family sit on a coin-operated couch which vibrates around the room

Director: Mark Kirkland

Guest Voices:
Willie Nelson as himself
Jim Forbes as the narrator

Synopsis: A parody of Behind the Music, this episode delves into the “real life” situation behind the Simpson family and show.

Discussion: Well, isn’t this episode just brilliant? Based on the hit shot Behind the Music, this ep analyses the show; how and why the laughs happened, as well as a non-canonical look at the family behind the show.

There are metaphors galore which adds to the humour and realism of the ep (where realism = techniques used in Behind the Music). Homer was dismayed by the inaccurate portrayals of families on TV and wanted to show a “real” family. This part is true: remember my first post which argued that Matt Groening wanted to show a real family? The original premise of the show has obviously changed, taken a few detours (cha-ching! Personally, I think this is why the show jumped the shark) and ended up a bit of a mess. This mess is analysed within this episode but the reason given is that the family were money-hungry and self-destructive, giving rise to bad episodes. This is self-reflexive… but did the writers do anything to correct it? Season 12 shall reveal all.

This is a fantastic episode. It’s brilliant in every way.

We asked you not to spit over the side

Bart Gets Hit By A Car

I will not sell school property

Couch gag: Everyone is squeezed off except for Homer

Director: Mark Kirkland

First appearance of:
Lionel Hutz
Dr Nick RivieraUn-named blue-haired lawyer

Guest Voice:Phil Hartman as Lionel Hutz

Synopsis: While skateboarding, Bart is hit by Mr Burns’ car. Bart dies, however the devil says Bart is not due to return for almost a century, so Bart wakes up in hospital. While Dr Hibberd says Bart will be fine, Lionel Hutz asks for the opinion of Dr Nick Riviera, who claims Bart is quite unwell. The Simpsons take Mr Burns to court but the case falls apart when Mr Burns, attempting an out-of-court settlement, overhears Marge speak the truth and Mr Burns’ lawyer calls upon her to testify under oath. Homer now sees Marge as the woman who lost him a million dollars but realises that he loves her more than ever.

Discussion: Classic Simpsons! It seems whenever a Simpson is injured, they die for brief moments but just like a cat with nine lives, they always bounce back. There really are some great scenes in this episode, such as Bart and Mr Burns’ differing accounts of the accident, Bart’s escalator ride to Heaven, the introduction of Lionel Hutz and Dr Nick Riviera and the make up scene in Moe’s Tavern right at the end. Both Lionel and Dr Nick become semi-regular characters, although Lionel is never seen again after Phil Hartman’s tragic death.

The major theme of this episode is greed. To Homer, a million dollars (even shared with Lionel Hutz) is the largest amount of money he’s ever seen. To Mr Burns, a million dollars is a drop in the ocean, but that doesn’t mean he wants to give it up. Marge’s morals are the downfall, money is worthless if you have to lie to get it. Lisa, of course, is also on the money when she asks Mr Hutz if he’s a shyster. For the most part, Bart seems indifferent to the proceedings. Sure, a million bucks would be nice but when it doesn’t eventuate, he’s cool with that too.

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