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Baby to Marge, waah waah, over

I Married Marge

I will not torment the emotionally frail

Couch gag: The family cartwheel to the couch

Director: Jeffrey Lynch

Synopsis: While Marge goes to the doctor suspecting she’s pregnant, Homer tells the kids about how he married their mother.

Discussion: This is the second flashback episode after ‘The Way We Was‘, which tells how Homer and Marge met. Marrying Marge seems to have happened about 6 years after high school (not that time means anything in Simpsons-world) as Homer mentions he’s now 24. Marge falls pregnant, they marry (because Homer will never find anyone as good as Marge) and Homer tries to fulfill his husbandly duties and support his growing family.

I love Homer, he’s a good guy. A bit lazy and misguided, but he does try. There’s loads of great lines in the episode, particularly from Patty and Selma, who constantly throw insults at Homer. It’s a sweet episode, from spending their wedding night sleeping on couches at Marge’s family home to Homer’s note when he searches for a decent job to pay for the mounting expenses. They’re living on love and it sees them through. Awww!



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