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So long, Stink Town!


You Only Move Twice

I did not learn everything I need to know in kindergarten

Couch gag: The family parachute in, except Homer, who falls face-first on the floor with an unopened parachute. 

Director: Mike Anderson

Guest voice: 
Albert Brooks as Hank Scorpio

Synopsis: Homer is offered a new job with the Globex Corporation and the family move “somewhere upstate” to Cypress Creek. 

Discussion: This is one of the best episodes of the entire series. Homer is headhunted by the Globex Corp, moves to Cypress Creek and settles in with his new job and awesome boss. The family don’t love being there: Marge is bored because the house cleans itself, Lisa has allergies and Bart is placed into a remedial learning program. Homer, preoccupied with his new role and family’s problems, is completely oblivious to Hank killing people and blowing up countries. You know, the little things in life…

Hank Scorpio is possibly the best guest character ever. He’s funny, he’s awesome, he’s down to earth (he’s running a fun run without shoes!) and he’s also a supervillain, which seems to completely escape Homer’s attention. Albert Brooks is no stranger to voicing guest characters on The Simpsons. He also voiced characters from various seasons: Jacques, Bob the RV sales guy and Brad Goodman. Wikipedia notes that he ad-libs his lines; apparently the entire hammock conversation was ad-libbed. And for those of you needing some business hammocks, they’re in the Hammock District down on 3rd. 

It’s also good to get out of Springfield and meet some new people, even though the only memorable one is the aforementioned Mr Scorpio (but call him Hank). Bart’s new class is made up of kids who can’t tie their own shoelaces and the only friends Lisa seems to have is Northern Reticulated Chipmunks. That’s OK, she’s used to it. And of course, Marge’s new friend is a bottle of wine… I think if the writers popped in an annoying neighbour, it would be the perfect episode. 


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