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Cough me out of your life

ImageI, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot

Couch gag: The Simpsons are squirted out of a piping bag onto a cake.

Director: Lauren Macmullen

Synopsis: Bart and Homer enter a robot derby, while Lisa mourns several cats in her life.

Discussion: Ya know, this episode isn’t too bad. It’s yet another variation of a theme of father-son bonding but at least they’ve both realised their unique relationship: “I like you, son”, followed by, “I like you too, dad.” it showcases Homer’s flaws, such as not being able to build anything remotely useful. We’ve seen many, many examples of this in the past: a spice rack for Marge, a BBQ pit (which was “art”), various inventions which seemed like a good idea at the time…

In this case, Homer’s inability to be a DIY guy forces him to become the robot, suffering injuries when fighting other robots. Homer being Homer, he takes it all quite well and doesn’t seem to suffer any more brain damage than usual. Although there’s not really anything new to offer about the father-son relationship, the setting of robot wars is actually kinda fun.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s mourning the death of Snowball II. Unfortunately the run of bad luck continues, and the next two Snowballs plus a Coltrane meet the Grim Reaper soon after Lisa brings them home. The last cat, Snowball V, is renamed Snowball II as it saves on buying a new bowl and it happens to look very much like the original Snowball II anyway. What a coincidence! This is a technique only acceptable in TV shows and it’s called “pressing the reset button”. It basically states that whatever happens, you can metaphorically press the reset button and the incident is never mentioned again. I’m sure you can think of 5 examples straight off the top of your head. To prove this point, Principal Skinner walks past and Lisa refers to him as Principal Tamzarian

This is an average episode, full of everything you’d expect. Maybe that’s the problem with these later episodes, they’re predictable and not surprising like earlier ones. It’s not just the scrapes the family find themselves in, everything about the show is dull now. Still, we press on…

Not if they were called scum drops


The Principal and the Pauper

couch gag: The Simpsons are dressed as astronauts and when they sit on the couch, it blasts off.

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Guest Voice:
Martin Sheen as the real Seymour Skinner

Synopsis: At a 20th anniversary celebration for Principal Skinner, an army sergeant rocks up and claims to be the real Skinner. Skinner is revealed to be an imposter named Armin Tamzarian. 

Discussion: Could this be the episode where The Simpsons jumps the shark? The Simpsons has a reputation for parodying films, and this ep follows the basic plot of the 1993 film SommersbyHowever, it never really seems to get there. There’s no satisfying conclusion to the episode; the townsfolk want their weenie back and send the real Skinner out of town tied to a train. It’s considered non-canonical (and for darn good reason- how do you come back from such a ridiculous plot?) and even Matt Groening himself admits the episode was a mistake.

So, where exactly does this ep fall down? My hypothesis is that Skinner is the least likely to be an imposter. Yes, he’s a weenie, but he’s our weenie. We’re in season 9 now, which has been plenty of time for the audience to know Skinner. His story of vulnerability just doesn’t wash. A radical teen who can’t bring himself to tell a mother that her son is dead so adopts his hero’s life instead? Puh-leese! Come on, pull the other leg. Maybe if Agnes saw straight away that this is what she was looking for in a son, then maybe it might possibly work. But no. Armin Tamzarian has a cool name but that’s about it. He’s portrayed as even more of a weenie than the audience expects. The teacher/principal character need to be a foil for the students, but revealing Skinner to be an imposter takes away that dynamic and never replaces it.

This jump in story arc isn’t really mentioned again, according to Judge Snyder’s ruling at the end, however Lisa does refer to Principal Tamzarian in a future episode (which we’ll get to eventually).

This leaves the question, which character could pull off such a plot line of being an imposter?

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