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Since when do I listen to cake?


Simple Simpson

Couch gag: The Simpsons slide down firepoles and land on the couch dressed as characters from Batman

Director: Jim Reardon

Guest Voice:
Nichelle Nichols as herself

Synopsis: Homer creates a persona named Pie Man, who rids Springfield of all injustices.

Discussion: It’s superheroes, Springfield style! Seeing little Lisa’s masterpiece place setting laughed at by a judge makes Homer’s blood boil and he dresses as Pie Man, launching fresh pies into people’s faces for committing injustice. It’s about as good as a superhero can get in Springfield (I bet Comic Book Guy is peeved he didn’t think of it first).

This episode drags a bit in the middle, but generally is pretty good. Homer’s fight against injustice is nothing new, however he’s not really known for dressing up in order to fight them; unless you count sticking a paper bag on his head in order to publish stories on his Mr X website. It’s not particularly clever, and Mr Burns blackmailing Homer into fighting for Burns’ own brand of justice is a bit weird, but overall it’s a slightly-better-than-average ep. Mr Burns’ exploits feel a bit like the writers were fighting to stretch one joke into 20 minutes, however I’m willing to overlook that just for the pure amusement on Mr Burns’ face, particularly when Smithers is parading him around the park before Mr Burns’ nap.


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