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I’m sorry I fingered you in court

Krusty Gets Busted

They are laughing at me, not with me.

Couch gag: The family sit down and Maggie is squeezed out.

Director: Brad Bird

First appearance of:
Kent Brockman (although someone looking very much like him appeared in yesterday’s episode having a different voice and not named)

Guest voice: Kelsey Grammar as Sideshow Bob

Synopsis: Homer is asked to pick up some icecream and stops at the Kwik-E-Mart on his way home from work. He is interrupted by an armed robbery held by none other than Krusty the Klown. With the town in shock, Bart believes Krusty is innocent and, along with Lisa, finds evidence that Sideshow Bob is the real criminal. Based on this evidence, Bob is locked away and Krusty is released.

Discussion: I’ve been waiting for this episode! It’s truly a changing point in Simpsons history because this is a seminal episode: this sparks storylines for episodes for the rest of the series. Bart has made an enemy in Sideshow Bob, who is not going to forget in a hurry.

Bart and Lisa work together as a team in order to bring justice to Springfield. This highlights the police incompetency (another recurring theme in the show) as well as Lisa’s logical brain and Bart’s dedication to Krusty. If you see no other episodes from the first season, make sure you see this one because of the continuity is future seasons: this is where it all started! 

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