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Does SWAT stand for short, wide and tubby?

Much Apu About Something

Director: Bob Anderson

Synopsis: Apu’s nephew Jamshed renovates the Kwik-E-Mart into a Quick & Fresh. Meanwhile, Bart retires from pranking.

Discussion:  The last time Apu lost the Kwik-E-Mart, we were treated to a tearful rendition of Who Needs a Kwik-E-Mart? and a delightful adventure where Homer and Apu went on an epic trek and got Apu’s store back. This time, we have Apu throwing a hissy fit, some hipster wannabe trying to bring the show into the 21st century and some pathetic garbage from Bart that the writers think is a prank.

As per usual, this episode makes little sense and contains nothing more than cheap laughs to fill 22 minutes. There is absolutely no substance whatsoever to this ep, making it the latest in a long line of WTF? episodes in which it’s pretty clear everyone involved with the show has given up.

OK, enough rambling from my high horse. Let’s talk plot. Apu’s store is destroyed, his brother Sanjay retires, leaving his majority stake to his son, Jamshed. How Sanjay scored a majority stake is a stroke of pure idiocy and lazy writing: Apu is addicted to scratch-and-win tickets (here in Australia, we call them scratchies). Anyhoo, Jay turns the store into a health food shop, Bart turns off the power, immediately sending the food to the depths of rotting hell, and everyone makes up and Apu regains control of his store. Yay.

It’s lazy, anticlimatic, and seriously boring. The ep relies on explaining jokes and giving voice to sight gags, which is a lazy formula proven to provide one more nail in the show’s coffin. Please please please can we just end it now?

I want you to play with my ding a ling

Lisa’s Pony

‘Bart bucks’ are not legal tender

Couch gag: Homer flops on the couch and the family sit on him.

Director: Carlos Baeza

First appearance of:
Lunchlady Doris

Synopsis: Homer screws up and wants to buy back Lisa’s love, so he buys her a pony and gets a job working at the Kwik E Mart to pay for it.

Discussion: Oh look, Homer screwed up again. It’s classic Homer- trying to fit everything in to create a win-win situation for everyone and failing miserably. Lisa’s talent show is tonight and she’s broken her saxophone reed (how do they work, anyway?). Homer promises to get one but he’s distracted by beer. The “talent” at Springfield Elementary is questionable, but hilarious. Milhouse can play spoons, who knew??

This episode has the potential to be boring, but Homer’s sleep-deprivation makes for some classic comedy, and the Slumberland sequence is inspired. Overall, it’s a good ep. We explore more of Lisa’s interests and family bonding as Homer really does want to be a good father… unless it takes too much effort.

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