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All food tastes like barf


Husbands and Knives

The pilgrims were not illegal aliens

Couch gag: The Simpsons and couch are in a pop-up book

Director: Nancy Kruse

Guest voices:
Jack Black as Milo
Alan Moore as himself
Art Spielgelman as himself
Dan Clowes as himself
Maurice LaMarche as the jock

Synopsis: Marge opens a women’s only gym and becomes very successful, leading Homer to worry that she’s going to trade him in for a younger, fitter husband.

Discussion: There are many episodes where there’s two plots that deserve to have their own episode; this is one of them. There’s a cool new comic book shop in Springfield, run by the very cool Milo. He can play Guitar Hero and Dance Revolution at the same time as well as sing the Korean version of a Tom Jones song. Sigh, he’s so dreamy!

Unfortunately, Jack Black’s fantastic performance doesn’t last very long. It’s quickly overtaken by the main plot where Marge, feeling uncomfortable with a gym, starts her own gym for regular women and becomes very successful. About halfway through the ep, I was thinking that both of these plots deserve their own episode… but then I realised that the gym part was the episode. I’m disappointed that Jack Black’s role wasn’t expanded- it’s metaphorically left hanging in the air like a speech bubble from a Batman fight.

The main plot, Marge’s gym, works pretty well on its own. Homer becomes worried that Marge is going to trade him him for a younger, fitter husband and tries surgery to keep her. Everything up to the surgery is all good- we’ve seen Homer get fit a few times before and this time is equally amusing… right up until his dream and unsatisfactory ending. We all know Marge is going to keep Homer, but I’d have liked her to casually mention just one small change she had the doctor do. I dunno, a small tummy tuck or a sudden dislike of beer. Just something to shake up the episode a bit.

Beating up Comic Book Guy came off as lame instead of the awesome homage to comic book fighting it was supposed to be. A highlight is Marge on the treadmill complaining that everyone else is probably also having trouble with it, until she looks over to a group of people parodying OK Go’s ‘Here It Goes Again‘. Big thumbs up to that film clip (if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you watch it immediately).

The episode is amusing enough but I wish that Milo’s new store could have been expanded further into the episode.


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