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Now chew through my ball sack


Skinner’s Sense of Snow

Science class should not end in tragedy

Couch gag: The family are in a football tackle and Maggie emerges to make a touchdown.

Director: Lance Kramer

Synopsis: Bart, Lisa and the kids of Springfield are trapped by snow, and overthrow Skinner to run the school.

Discussion: This is a really good episode. It’s a little bit Lord of the Flies when Bart overthrows Skinner, but this is something fresh and quite original considering some of the rubbish we’ve been seeing from season 12.

There are moments of animated magic, so the ep is not quite down-to-earth, but still, there’s elements in there that fill me with hope that this isn’t the end of the good episodes. There are some classic, memorable lines such as “I’m tired of taking orders from G.I. Jerk” and “You’ve slapped your Willie for the last time!” as well as the quote chosen for the title of this post.

It’s also nice to see Homer and Ned bonding as they try to save the kids, as well as some good work by Nibbles the Hamster. In fact, this episode feels nothing like Christmas; if they hadn’t mentioned it at the end, I’d forget all about it.

They taste like burning


Das Bus

couch gag: The family are frogs (Maggie is a tadpole) and they all sit on a lilypad. 

Director: Pete Michels

Guest voices:
Phil Hartman as Troy McClure
James Earl Jones as the narrator

Synopsis: During a trip as the model UN, the bus has an accident and the kids are stranded on an island. Meanwhile, Homer builds an internet business.

Discussion: Before this episode first aired, I heard it was based on Lord of the Flies so I went to the library and borrowed that book so I would understand the references. I’m glad I did, it’s a good book and made the episode a lot easier to “get”. For some reason, Bart using the conch shell really cracks me up. 

Anyhoo, there’s not much in this episode that makes sense, but that’s OK. It’s a convention of television audiences that they suspend belief for oh, about 22 minutes or so. It doesn’t really matter how the kids ended up on an island nor does it matter how they ended up off the island, which is part of the beauty of the narration at the end: 
So the children learned to function as a society, and were eventually rescued by oh, let’s say… Moe.” The audience is asked to accept this and let’s face it, the show can get away with it. Well, OK. The kids need to end up back in Springfield, let’s just wrap it up nicely in 5 seconds at the end. Hey, it’s a lot better than “they woke up and it was all a dream…”

Had the ep been made today, the bus falling off the bridge would probably have been done in the style of Inception, hopefully not taking three hours to fall though. Perhaps the island survival might have been based on the show Survivor

It’s one of the final episodes of Phil Hartman so I wish Troy had a bigger part in this ep, but having the kids watch a bible epic on TV is OK. I think most kids were allowed to stay up late to watch bible epics on TV: I remember watching a bible movie once and my aunt caught us watching Adam and Eve’s nudity, and we got into so much trouble for watching “a dirty movie” until we said it was Adam and Eve, which is apparently OK. Go figure. 

Anyhoo, this is a great episode and one of the best so far in season 9. If you’ve not read Lord of the Flies, go ahead and read it. If you find it boring, imagine Bart as Ralph and Milhouse as Piggy. 

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