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I want you to play with my ding a ling

Lisa’s Pony

‘Bart bucks’ are not legal tender

Couch gag: Homer flops on the couch and the family sit on him.

Director: Carlos Baeza

First appearance of:
Lunchlady Doris

Synopsis: Homer screws up and wants to buy back Lisa’s love, so he buys her a pony and gets a job working at the Kwik E Mart to pay for it.

Discussion: Oh look, Homer screwed up again. It’s classic Homer- trying to fit everything in to create a win-win situation for everyone and failing miserably. Lisa’s talent show is tonight and she’s broken her saxophone reed (how do they work, anyway?). Homer promises to get one but he’s distracted by beer. The “talent” at Springfield Elementary is questionable, but hilarious. Milhouse can play spoons, who knew??

This episode has the potential to be boring, but Homer’s sleep-deprivation makes for some classic comedy, and the Slumberland sequence is inspired. Overall, it’s a good ep. We explore more of Lisa’s interests and family bonding as Homer really does want to be a good father… unless it takes too much effort.


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