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I’m whacking this one for you, baby


Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play

Have a great summer, everyone

Couch gag: All the couches in Springfield turn into monsters

Director: Bob Anderson

Guest voices:
Mandy Moore as Tabitha Vixx
Stacy Keach as Howard K. Duff

Synopsis: Marge and Homer provide marriage counselling to a baseballer and his superstar singer wife.

Discussion: The premise of the episode is pretty good, but there’s something missing to make it a great episode. Maybe it’s that I tuned out when sport was mentioned, or maybe Tabitha and Buck aren’t interesting characters. In any case, this episode never lifts above mediocrity.

When Marge and Homer are caught on the stadium’s Kissing Cam, Buck Mitchell, a baseballer for the Springfield Isotopes, decides to rock up on their doorstep and reveal that his marriage isn’t going well. Surely there’s a better reason for him to rock up besides a random Kissing Cam moment? But no, here he is and the next thing you know, Marge and Homer agree to provide counselling.

The counselling sessions themselves provide few laughs but a lot of cliches and obvious reasons as to why they’re not happy in their marriage. There’s no playing around with these characters- they do exactly what they’re expected to and end up together after Homer pulls a stunt involving a blimp and a loving message to Buck while he’s playing. OK, so it was mostly to ensure Buck had a good game but there’s no reason the audience cares at that point. What if they stayed together for multi-million dollar magazine photo shoot or publicity stunt or a myriad of any other lame reason? Instead it’s just these two uninteresting characters who have wandered in and decided to stay together for some strange reason known only to themselves.

This ep brings us to the end of season 17. There were a couple of really good episodes, a few really painful ones, and plenty of average ones. This ep was bordering on painful.

Mmm, horse doovers

War of the Simpsons

I will not do anything bad ever again

Couch gag: Everyone is squeezed off except for Homer.

Director: Mark Kirkland

Synopsis: Marge and Homer throw a party but Homer gets very drunk and behaves very inappropriately. To save their marriage, Marge books them into the church-run marriage retreat held by Catfish Lake. Homer hears tales of the legendary General Sherman, a 500 lb catfish who lives in the lake, and tries to catch it. While their parents are away, Bart and Lisa throw a party and take advantage of Grampa, who is babysitting.

Discussion: Poor Marge. She puts up with so much from Homer and even when trying to save their marriage, Homer keeps screwing it up. The dangling carrot this time is a very large catfish, which, to Homer’s credit, was caught accidentally. Marge seems to have forgotten her own drunken behaviour at Mr Burns’ soiree back in season 1. Sure, Homer is somewhat flawed… but she loves the big doofus anyway.

And for those playing along at home, General Sherman is in the Android Simpsons’ Logo Quiz.

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