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Skanks for nothing, Lamerella


Milhouse of Sand and Fog

Couch gag: A pop-up menu appears after the family have sat down, and the unseen person chooses “Delete recording”.

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Synopsis: Milhouse’s parents look like they’re getting back together but Milhouse misses the attention, so he and Bart plot to break them up again.

Discussion: Unlike the previous two atrocities, this episode isn’t eye-stabbingly bad. In fact, it has moments where glimpses of Classic Simpsons shine through. Sadly those moments don’t last long, but hey! I didn’t want to stab out my eyes with a rusty spoon so it’s all good.

Milhouse’s parents have been separated since season 8’s ‘A Milhouse Divided‘. Now that they might get back together, Milhouse misses the extra attention he gets from both parents competing for his love, so he and Bart plan to break up the new couple. Cue Bart planting Marge’s bra to make Luann think Kirk has been cheating… but Bart didn’t realise his mother’s name is sewn onto the lingerie. Ooooh!

All of this is great- the plot works, it goes smoothly, there’s no reason to cry (unless you’re Milhouse and you have a remainder in your long division). Bart’s final prank to get his own parents back together is a bit stupid and cliched but I’m willing to forgive it because the rest of the ep is so different to what I’ve recently been subjected to.

Whether Luann and Kirk stay together is another story… Don’t look at me, I don’t know the answer. I’m beyond the limits of what I’ve seen previously (apart from the odd one here and there). And no spoilers either!


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