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You sneeze like a girl


Dangerous Curves

I did not see teacher siphoning gas

Couch gag: Each of the Simpsons come out from a cuckoo clock.

Director: Matthew Faughnan

Synopsis: On a family vacation, Marge and Homer relate a story of a time when their love was tested.

Discussion: Usually the romantic flashbacks chronicling Marge and Homer’s life are sweet, nostalgic and romantic. This one misses the mark completely. Flashback eps are full of temptation, where Homer realises he really loves Marge after some mishap, and although this one fulfills that criteria, it’s still missing something.

There are three timelines in this episode: twenty years earlier when Homer and Marge agreed not to marry and were picked up by a newly married Ned and Maude Flanders; five years earlier when Homer and Marge were fighting and tempted by others; and the present where Homer and Marge want some snuggle time away from the kids. None of these stories adds anything to the canon, except that it’s nice to see Ned gettin’ some action because I was really starting to wonder how he got kids…

Whatever the point was of the episode, I missed it completely. It just didn’t gel.


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