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He would have defenestrated you?


Double Double Boy In Trouble

There’s no such month as ‘Rocktober’

Couch gag: Couch and family get caught up in a tornado and land on a farm, in black & white.

Director: Michael Polcino

Guest voice:
Joe Montana as himself

Synopsis: Lenny wins big on a scratchie ticket that Homer would have bought had Bart not been acting up. Disillusioned with his family, Bart agrees to swap places with a rich kid who looks exactly like him.

Discussion: What a thoroughly enjoyable episode! The plot is nothing new, in fact it’s very similar to Mark Twain’s novel The Prince and the Pauper, which has also lent itself to the name of an episode (the one where Skinner is Armin Tamzarian).

Everything about this ep is well done. There are some genuine, laugh-out-loud funny moments including a scene where Marge accidentally ingested a drop of alcohol whilst pregnant with Bart. Simon, Bart’s doppelganger, is a rich kid whose half brother and sister are trying to kill him in order to reap the inheritance for themselves. As Bart realises that he is the one in trouble, not Simon in Bart’s place, the action starts. Unfortunately it’s a bit short; dragging out attempted murder should be a requisite for all viewing.

It’s great to see some classic moment still kickin’ it even here in season 20.


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