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I got propane in my urethra


Marge Vs Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples, Teens and Gays

Couch gag; Knives are thrown at the family when they sit down

Director: Bob Anderson

Synopsis: When babies riot at a concert, childless residents protest about families, resulting in Marge to counter-protest and bring families first.

Discussion: I really need to start tagging posts with WTF?

Everyone’s favourite annoying children’s act, Roofi, is back and Marge has tickets to the concert. However, not all goes to plan in this babies’ version of Woodstock and the kids riot (well, Springfield does love a riot). Lindsay Nagle pops up, announces she works too hard for her childless lifestyle and forces families to be segregated. Marge bites back… at least, that’s what I think happens.

There’s no real plot in this episode. It’s just a mash of dialogue thrown together in the hope it makes sense. There are parts of it that come off as a satirical look at the Yay America paradigm, which I criticised a few posts ago. Families are what built America, kids are the future and Marge wants to protect that. Homer couldn’t really care less as long as the kids are in a R-rated movie while he does what he pleases.

I don’t really know what else to say about this ep. Sure, Roofi is annoying and anyone who has ever gone to a Wiggles concert knows how crazy things get (and don’t get me started on mothers buying tickets!) but is there a premise for a baby riot?

Quit complaining, chrome dome

Simpson and Delilah

Tar is not a plaything

Couch gag: The family do a little jig before sitting.

Director: Rich Moore

Guest voice: Harvey Fierstein as Karl, Homer’s assistant

Synopsis: Homer uses a new product to cure baldness, and ends up with a head full of luscious hair. He is noticed by Mr Burns, who promotes him immediately. Homer is now an executive at the nuclear plant, with an assistant named Karl who boosts Homer’s self-confidence. Smithers sees that Homer has purchased the hair booster through the company’s health insurance scheme and attempts to fire him, but Karl takes full responsibility and repays the money. Meanwhile, Bart, trying to grow a beard, accidentally spills Homer’s hair product and Homer is demoted back to his regular position at the plant.

Discussion: Harvey Fierstein’s distinctive voice is hard to miss, and lends a richness to the episode just as Homer’s hair adds a richness to his life. This episode is somewhat satirical on the American preoccupation with looks. Even though Mr Burns himself is mostly bald, he has little sympathy for those, like Homer, who share a similar fate. Considering baldness is linked to testosterone levels, perhaps subconsciously Mr Burns avoids bald men as he is afraid of their masculinity? This theory explains why the effeminate Smithers is his right hand man…

It’s disappointing Karl hasn’t returned to The Simpsons. I understand he was set to return in season 14 but Harvey Fierstein wasn’t happy with the script and declined to reprise the role. I also suppose that having two recurring characters named Carl/Karl could be a tad confusing for some, despite Carl Carlsson being of African-American descent and Karl being Caucasian.

Personally, I really like this episode. It’s a glimpse into an alternate reality where Homer has hair, confidence and is a better provider for his family. And the “awwww!” moment at the end where Marge sings ‘You Are So Beautiful’ to Homer is actually pretty sweet. Even though Homer is not the most attractive person, she loves him for who he is.

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