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Now we sleep for a thousand years


Goo Goo Gai Pan

Couch gag: The living room is dark, and when the light switches on, it’s a surprise party from the townspeople. Homer has a heart attack.

Director: Lance Kramer

Guest voices:
Robert Wagner as himself
Lucy Liu as Madam Wu

Synopsis: Selma and the Simpsons travel to China to adopt a baby.

Discussion: The Simpsons are off on another overseas adventure, but this time it’s Selma’s treat because she’s adopting a little bundle of joy. Awww! The catch is, Selma’s not allowed to adopt unless she has a husband and, lacking anyone better, writes Homer’s name. Hehehehehe.

Every time the Simpsons head overseas, the episode becomes embarrassing and offensive. In the “few days” Selma and the Simpsons have to experience Chinese culture before taking the baby, the viewer is again treated to Chinese culture as we’ve never imagined. OK, I concede the dragons are cute. The giant Chinese take-away box… not so much. Nor are the Chinese on pogo sticks trying to get over the Great Wall of China. Oh puh-leese!

What we end up with is two distinct parts: Selma (with Homer) trying to keep the baby, and filler. The filler bits don’t quite reach the embarrassment of other overseas adventures such as Japan and Australia, but given any more air time and it would surely happen. Retrieving baby Ling and keeping her are the episode’s highlights, especially Homer’s stint as a statue of Buddha. Madam Wu is delightfully disarming and even though her bureaucratic backflip is entirely predictable, Lucy Liu delivers the performance brilliantly.

It’s always nice to see someone other than a Simpson centred in an episode. Even though the family are an integral part of this ep, Selma and baby Ling steal every scene.

She’s a heifer, plain and simple

Principal Charming

I will not belch the national anthem

Couch gag: The couch pops out like a sofa bed

Director: Mark Kirkland

First appearance of:
Groundskeeper Willie
Hans Moleman

Synopsis: Marge tells Homer to find a man for her sister Selma, and Homer chooses Principal Skinner. At the introductory dinner, Skinner sees Patty first and pursues her. After a series of disastrous dates and knockbacks for a goodnight kiss, Skinner falls in love with Patty and asks her to marry him.

Discussion: Maybe I’m getting senile in my old age, but I don’t remember this episode at all. Anyhoo… Here we have Skinner’s first-seen attempt at falling in love. Until this episode, he’s been a bit of a loner (except when hanging out with his mother) so we’re seeing another side of him. He even turns a blind eye to Bart’s hijinks as Bart is suddenly an extension of his growing love for Patty. I don’t buy Patty’s reason not to marry Skinner, but for her to marry him this early in the series would destroy the twinship and future storylines, but surely a better excuse could have been found?

It’s also the first episode not to focus solely on the Simpson family, instead focusing on secondary characters of Skinner and Patty. It’s a great episode, the depth of characters really brings out the talents of the writers and cast. Also watch out for references to films such as Vertigo and Gone With the Wind

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