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We’re the original odd couple

Lisa the Greek

Couch gag: Homer sits on Santa’s Little Helper

Guest voice: Phil Hartman as Troy McClure

Synopsis: Lisa is upset when Homer ignores her over the television and on Marge’s suggestion that she compromise in order to bond with her father, starts spending every Sunday watching football with him. Meanwhile, Marge and Bart spend some time together too.

Discussion: I don’t love this episode. There’s a pattern emerging in season 3 where Homer is bonding with the kids. The twist in this episode is that this time, it’s Lisa’s idea. At first she enjoys picking the winning teams and keeping the secret wagers from her mother, but then she correctly suspects that Homer is just using her for profitability and not really enjoying their daddy-daughter day.

Since the episode is largely dedicated to football, I lose interest. American football is not widely followed here in Australia, although we do get the Superbowl every year. I tried to watch it once to see what the fuss is about- how the hell does a 60 minute game go for over 3 hours?? I thought soccer was bad enough… Anyhoo, I digress. There’s nothing new here: Homer screws up bonding with his kid. The redeeming feature is Marge and Bart’s clothes shopping expedition which is still funny after all these years.

We’re sending our love down the well (all the way down)

Radio Bart

I will not carve gods

Couch gag:The Simpsons sit on the couch and bounce into new positions.

Director: Carlos Baeza

Guest Voice:
Sting as himself

Synopsis: It’s Bart’s birthday and Homer has bought him a microphone which can be used with any AM radio. Bart plays a number of pranks, culminating in a boy trapped down a well when his radio falls into the well. In an attempt to retrieve it, Bart is trapped down the well.

Discussion: Classic Bart. Doesn’t love his birthday presents (well, he was given socks and a cactus…) and only finds true meaning when shown the possibilities of the microphone. By far, the best part of this episode is the charity song organised by Krusty: We’re Sending Our Love Down the Well. Sting shows he’s a good sport with recording his voice for the episode, which absolutely fits in with his reputation for political and social activism.

This is another of those episodes where I groan at the thought of watching it yet again, but actually enjoy myself and pick up a lot of things I’ve missed before. For instance, here in Australia we don’t have Chuck E. Cheese (thankfully- who’d want to eat at something with “chuck” in the title? Don’t know about the USA, but here, chuck means “to vomit”) so as a kid watching this episode, the Wall E. Weasel was totally weird. The portrayal of the media is also quite interesting. I am currently studying a Communications degree and although I’m not majoring in journalism, I have to do a lot of journalism units. There’s a load of different theories about what makes news so to see Bart’s story fall off the front page and replaced by the Lincoln squirrel is pretty funny.

Overall, it’s a good episode. It has the potential to drag, especially in the middle of the third act, but it picks itself up and keeps going.

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