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My pee is starting to smell like a Swiss Chalet

I Won’t Be Home for Christmas

Reindeer meat does not taste like chicken

Couch gag: “Obligatory Frozen reference”. Something about Lisa and an ice castle.

Director: Mark Kirkland

Synopsis: Homer stops by Moe’s for a drink on Christmas Eve and Marge is angry he didn’t come home.

Discussion: Well, that episode wasn’t too terrible. Yes, you read that correctly. Not too terrible. It had no plot and no point but it did contain some very good sign gags (which is what the show has become) and no joke was overly drawn out; the lotto joke was on the brink but stopped just in time. Good executive choice there, Mr Kirkland.

Anyhoo, Homer stops by Moe’s for a drink, Moe is depressed, Homer gets home late, Marge is angry. There’s your entire plot. Homer wandering around aimlessly reminded me of the ep where he wanders around wondering if Marge is his soul mate. But here, there’s no satisfying ending because you already know Marge will find him and they’ll spend Christmas morning “snuggling”.

So, that leaves the pure sight gags. Pineapple Plopper Ham and the gingerbread family featuring 1989 Simpsons were the best ones. I also liked Moe singing karaoke at the “private function”. It shows that someone, somewhere actually put some thought into it. Now if they put the same effort into an actual plot…

Overall, it wasn’t as terrible as I expected. The opening sequence was all Christmassy and worked really well. The end… well, what? Something about January 4 featuring Kang and Kodos and never ending babies. I expect this has something to do with The Simpsons: Tapped Out after their Christmas gig has finished.

One last thing: I don’t understand popcorn threads on Christmas trees. Is that a thing? Do people actually do that? If so, why?? Is there a lack of actual decorations? Do you get mice eating the strands?

You’re out of your elfin mind


The Fight Before Christmas

Directors: Bob Anderson and Matthew Scofield

Guest voice/star:
Martha Stewart as herself
Katy Perry as herself

Synopsis: Each of the Simpsons dream a Christmas dream.

Discussion: …I’m not really sure what to think about this episode. It was a very different format to regular episodes in that it was split into four segments, all of which were fully developed and not lacking in storyline. This makes a refreshing change because other 3 or 4 segmented episodes sometimes feel like they’ve been rushed.

Bart’s Dream is a parody of The Polar Express, which is so boring that I inevitably fall asleep within the first hour. I managed to stay away during this part though, and more-or-less enjoyed it. Some parts were a little dark, like Milhouse and Nelson wrapping presents as other elves had been laid off. As a whole, the segment was pretty good.

Lisa’s Dream is a parody of Inglourious Basterds, which I also found quite boring because I’m neither a Tarantino nor war fan. Marge is in Nazi-occupied Germany, battling Hitler on her own while Homer is at home because he’s too fat to fit into a foxhole. Lisa’s complaining about Christmas trees as they remind her of the day her mother was taken away. The Dumbo parody was in poor taste, as was Lisa eating meat. Even in a dream state, Lisa’s strong animal values would not disappear.

Marge’s Dream involved her writing a letter to Martha Stewart to help her save Christmas. What transpires is a Martha dominated segment in typical Martha fashion: taking ordinary objects and turning them into useful and decorative pieces. It was a cute segment, but as I typically find Martha really annoying at the best of times, this inflated version of herself irritated me quite a bit.

Maggie’s Dream was the pinnacle of the episode. Anything out of the ordinary is usually a huge asset to the show, and this is no exception. Maggie dreams the family are puppets, parodying both Sesame Street and The Muppets. Some of the jokes are adult-themed, but amusing nonetheless. Katy Perry is herself, apparently parodying her own (cancelled) appearance on Sesame Street. The segment is fun, bright, colourful and not suitable for children. I was happy to see characters other than the Simpson family being turned into puppets. Overall, it was a lot of fun although Mr Burns’ rendition of the “original” 39 Days of Christmas got a bit tired very quickly.

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