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Why is grass green?


Couch gag: The family appear rotoscoped; Homer complains and the family turn normally-animated again.

Director: Rob Oliver

Synopsis: Inspired by the 2014 film Boyhood, Bart grows up during the episode.

Discussion: Sorry for the delay in writing, it’s a mad mad mad mad mad time of year!

Anyhoo, Barthood traces Bart from a young child to a teenager. I haven’t seen the source movie so I can’t comment on themes etc. All I can tell you is what is in the episode.

I liked what they were trying to do. The concept of Bart growing up is a good one but poorly thought out. As another reviewer put it, “It was the same jokes with a different hairstyle”. The ep didn’t go anywhere; Bart felt Lisa got all the attention so he acted out… over the course of several years before the final, predictable conclusion.

It’s always nice to see a future episode, where they end up etc. These future episodes are always contradicted which has become half the fun. I’ve said it before and will say it again: Perhaps a good way to freshen the series is to advance the kids’ ages to permanent teenage years. There’s only so many times the innocence of a first love/kiss/crush can be explored for an 8 and 10 year old. The possibilities when dealing with Bart and Lisa as teens are endless. As for Maggie… well, it can still be a running joke that Maggie doesn’t speak, or the audience catches her before or after she’s spoken.

It was a cute episode, but could have been done better.



You couldn’t bear to see me smooshed

holidays of future passed

Holidays of Future Passed

Billboard: Mr Burns and Rabbi Krustofsky: Bah Humbug and Happy Hanukkah- Christmas ignorers unite

Cafeteria trays are not toboggans

Couch gag: The Simpsons, as gingerbread people, jump onto a tray and Homer eats his gingerbread self.

Director: Rob Oliver

Guest Voice:
Matt Groening as football commentator (uncredited)

Synopsis: In the fourth future-themed episode, the Simpson kids are grown up with kids of their own, and they all come to spend Christmas with Marge and Homer.

Discussion: Aww! This is a really sweet episode, featuring on the family as a family, both functional and dysfunctional. Christmas time is always a time for families to come together and remember the “true meaning of Christmas” whilst partaking in a lot of food and familial bonding.

This episode is set in the future, where all three Simpson kids have children of their own. Bart is a deadbeat dad to two sons whom he rarely sees (their mother is Jenda), Lisa is married to Milhouse (and not POTUS) with a rebellious daughter named Zia, and Maggie is the lead singer of a rock band in the late stages of pregnancy. In keeping with Maggie’s mute character, she’s not allowed to talk as it will hurt the baby. This was also explored in a previous future-themed ep in which Maggie was interrupted every time she tried to speak, although other characters exclaimed she was a chatterbox.

Anyhoo, as each Simpson kid tries to deal with being a parent, the episode keeps moving along nicely with plenty of jokes and scenes that work really well. Bart quips to his sons that he’s “been acting like a 10 year old for the past thirty years”, which is not far wrong. I read that this ep was slated to be the series finale in case cast negotiations broke down. I think it would have been a really nice way to end the series (maybe it should have been the series finale even if negotiations went well… Just sayin’).

Anyhoo, it’s a lovely, sweet episode that is well done and a sequence involving Ralph Wiggum killing endless clones of himself is really far more amusing than it should be. Highly recommended viewing (for a change).

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