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I guess my honky tonking days are over

Gone Abie Gone

Gone Abie Gone

I will not concede the election until Karl Rove gives me permission

Couch gag: The Simpsons and other Springfieldians are in a parody of Wacky Races. They all crash near the finish line and Grampa wins.

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest Voices:
Anika Noni Rose as Rita LaFleur
Marvin Hamlisch as himself
Jennifer Tilly as herself

Synopsis: Marge and Homer explore Grampa’s secret past while Lisa becomes addicted to online poker in order to increase her college fund.

Discussion: To be honest, the only reason I posted this picture and the quote for the title was to prove that I watched until the end. I was so very tempted to stop the agony about nine minutes in. But no, dear reader, I continued just for you.

Marge and Homer discover Abe is missing from the retirement castle and they go in search of him, uncovering a secret marriage along the way. This could be interesting, but no. Abe’s secret wife is an African American cabaret singer name Rita, who parted ways with Abe in order to tour Europe while Abe stayed at home with Homer. Why isn’t this more interesting? I can’t pinpoint exactly where it fails, it just does. Homer is not shocked at all to discover this secret of Abe’s, nor is there any mystery in where Abe actually is (if anyone cared where he went… But it’s better than finding him asleep in the park where he’d been feeding the birds).

Meanwhile, Homer’s settlement from being burned by onion rings sees him storing the money on an online poker site. Since when does Homer take financial advice from Moe? And, more importantly, why?? Anyhoo, Lisa wins enough to set her up for life but loses it all to Sideshow Bob, who is actually Bart, but then the site finds out they’re minors and they lose everything except the initial $5000 investment. Well, it’s better than Lisa learning to write cursive.

There is absolutely nothing of interest in this episode, but I can’t say it’s bad episode, just boring. For a great recap on the 5 worst episodes, I recommend Neon Whiskey’s post. This ep is light on jokes and story, but at least it’s not complete nonsense like some other eps.

The pocket wants what it wants

Adventures in Baby Getting

Adventures in Baby-Getting

Director: Rob Oliver

Guest voice:
Jeff Gordon as himself

Synopsis: Marge decides she wants another baby while Bart & friends try to work out where Lisa goes after school.

Discussion: Wow, this episode was pointless. Instead of the usual couch gag, we’re treated to a short where Homer votes for Mitt Romney and ends up working in a factory making American flags. Nothing interesting here.

Homer failing to fix a leaking tap (faucet for you Americans) causes a sinkhole. Marge loses her car in the sinkhole and is unhappy with her new car because there’s no room for another baby. Blah blah blah they wind up at Shelbyville’s fertility clinic where Homer has made several donations, and somehow they realise they don’t want a baby anymore. Snore.

The least interesting part of this episode is Lisa’s secret. Bart, Milhouse, Ralph, Nelson and Principal Skinner crack the mystery as to where Lisa goes after school. Wait for it- she’s learning cursive handwriting. Whoa- stop the presses! What the actual hell? She’s learning to write. How is that in any way interesting??

Don’t waste your time on this ep, it’s stupid, pointless and completely inane. Let’s not forget the guest appearance by Jeff Gordon. Literally two words in the whole ep. What a massive waste of his time.

Welcome, transdimensional visitors

Treehouse 23

Treehouse of Horror XXIII

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Guest voice:
Jon Lovitz as Artie Ziff

Synopsis: A black hole destroys Springfield and takes its residents to another planet; Marge’s deal with the devil comes back to haunt her (literally); Bart goes back to 1974 and prevents Homer marrying Marge.

Discussion: This is one of the best Halloween episodes in the history of the show. The parodies are well done enough as to make it obvious, but not so over done that the essence of the plot is compromised just by having Simpsons characters in the exact same plot as the original source.

The opening sequence takes place in Chitzen Itza, where Homer is being fattened up, ready to be sacrificed to appease the gods. Moe is sent in his place by a scheming Marge, condemning the world to be destroyed in 2012. It’s original and has many amusing moments.

The Greatest Story Ever Holed sees Springfield opening its version of the Large Hadron Collider, which creates a small black hole. Lisa discovers it and takes it home where the rest of the family throw things into it until it’s big enough to swallow the whole town and all the residents. Everyone and everything (except Maggie, whose pacifier killed the black hole) is taken to an alien planet where the inhabitants are celebrating ordinary stuff. Again, this segment is really well done and great fun to watch, even though the science is extremely dodgy.

UnNormal Activity is a parody of Paranormal Activity. Homer sets up several video cameras to record the mysterious goings on while the family sleep. At the end, Maggie is kidnapped by the unseen presence, who is revealed to be a Moe-demon, whom Marge had made a deal with thirty years previously. It’s a good segment, not just rehashing the plot of the PA movies but putting a Simpsons spin on it to make it seem more original, if that makes sense. There’s elements here that work well without having the Simpson family rehash everything about the original source.

Bart and Homer’s Excellent Adventure is a parody of Back to the Future while the title comes from a similarly-themed film, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Bart travels back to 1974 to buy a comic book, but finds himself at Springfield High School in the detention room where Homer and Marge first met. However, Bart causes a fight between them and they don’t fall in love. In the future, Marge has married Artie Ziff and Bart is Bartie Ziff. They are very rich, and it’s a future that Bart is willing to live with. But then Marge realises she should have married Homer anyway and all is returned to normal.

Overall, it’s one of the better Halloween specials with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and fun to be had. I’m not usually a fan of the specials, but I’d happily watch this one again.

Look in the mirror, unplanned miracle

Moonshine River

Moonshine River

Billboard: McBain Capital: Consider this a hostile takeover

I will not wear white after Labor Day (Bart is wearing a white suit)

Couch gag: The Simpsons hatch into butterflies and are chased around the daycare by Gerald, the unibrow baby and Maggie’s arch enemy. This closely resembles the plot from Maggie’s short film The Longest Daycare.

Director: Bob Anderson

Guest Voices:
Zooey Deschanel as Mary Spuckler
Ken Burns as the narrator
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Gina
Anne Hathaway as Jenny
Don Pardo as the announcer
Natalie Portman as Darcy
Sarah Silverman as Nikki
Al Roker as himself
Kevin Michael Richardson as the drummer

Synopsis: Bart travels to New York in search for Mary Spuckler, the only girl who still likes him.

Discussion: What the hell did I just watch? And why are there a bunch of guest voices who only had one line in the entire episode? And how did Mary Spuckler get a job on Saturday Night Live? So many questions, so little time.

Bart hasn’t had a lot of luck in love, but hopes to rekindle something with Mary Spuckler, a daughter of Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel. Bart travels to New York on a tipoff and stuff happens, but I’m not really sure what. Marge and Lisa look for high culture, Homer gets an air conditioner dropped on his head and Bart loses Mary again. It seems like a bunch of ideas thrown together without any coherence or adding to the story… if there was a story to begin with. Did the writers take summer vacation and forget to write a plot? How did they convince the celebrity voices of Bart’s ex girlfriends to come back to record just one line? And why do we care if Bart can’t find love? He’s ten years old and sure, there may be “a storm brewing down there” but come on, if he hasn’t reached puberty yet, he never will.

This episode is a terrible opener to a season. I am not excited to get this season underway if this is the “quality” I can expect. It’s not like Mary is an interesting character, all she has going for her is a twangy accent and interesting parents. Normally I take notes while watching the episodes, funny lines I can use as the blog title and such. Today’s offering gave me exactly two potential lines- the other being Lisa’s quip, “Departo de Barto” which was uttered in the first few minutes of the show. That’s how poor the writing was here. For comparison, I normally gather at least 5 potential lines, and in a good episode I can have 10 or more. Sadly, that’s becoming more and more rare 😦

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